Permanent single aadhar card. Once the payment is

Permanent account number, AADHAR, as the name
suggest is a 10 digit number of combination of alphabets and numbers provided
by Income Tax department of India. This card served as an Identity card as well
to all the Indian citizens who are taxpayers in the country under the Central
Board of Direct Taxes supervision. In order to apply for the same, citizens can
realize two platforms:

Applying for AADHAR Card through Online Platform

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Applying for AADHAR card through offline platform

How to apply
for AADHAR card online?

In case, individual wishes to apply for the
AADHAR Card online, there are government authorized platforms/websites where
one can put their request to apply for the same, namely:

If you are comfortable with online tactics,
this is considered as one of the most convenient manners to apply for your
government documents as you do not have to run place to place just to submit
your request. One must land on the mentioned websites and requires for an
online form of AADHAR Card to be filled.

Step 1:
Submit the Online form:

Look for application form which is available
on both of the sites and fill up the same online. The instructions are
mentioned in the form. Please be careful when filling up the form and follow
each instruction properly. Before submitting the form, make sure you scan all
the rows filled by you.

Step 2:
Select the mode of Payment

When you apply for Aadhar card application
through online platform, there are no charges involved in the same. But
applying through an agent will charge you for the agency service fees as well
as printing charge which entirely depends on them.

I general, the charge will cost between
300-700 rupees for a single aadhar card.

Once the payment is successful, the candidate
will receive an acknowledgment number. Please keep this number saved for the
further procedure if you wish to check the status of your Aadhar Card


Step 3: List
of Documents required

Once the payment is successful, you will be
asked to attach proof of your identity that will work as a supporting
attachment for your application. One must upload the document which reflects
their proof of date of birth, identity as well as address. Only then, your
AADHAR card application will be processed further.

How to apply
for AADHAR card offline?

This way is considered as one of the most
traditional manners to apply for the AADHAR card. Let’s understand the steps of
the same:

Step1: Fill
up the Form

One must visit the AADHAR card official
Service center or an agent that will provide you AADHAR card application form.
One must fill this form in bold letters as specified on the form. Attach your
photograph on the form and affix the same by signing below your passport size

Step 2:
Attach your Documents

You will be asked to attach the copy of listed
documents and submit the same to the representative available in the center.

Step3: Make
the Payment

When you submit the entire application along
with forms, you are asked to make the payment against the application if
applied through an agent. The charges are mentioned already in the write-up.

Step 4: Wait
for your AADHAR Card

That’s all! All you have to do now is waiting
for the AADHAR card to be delivered to the communication address mentioned in
your documents. In case of any further query, you will be sent a letter as a
courier in order to resolve a certain requirement. In general, AADHAR Card is
delivered to the address within 15-20 working days.

List of
documents to be attached with Online/Offline Application Form

Proof of

In terms of submitting documents for proving
your identity, one can submit any one of the following documents:

Copy of voter ID

Ration card

Copy of Passport

Arm’s license

Copy of driving license

Health scheme card issued by central government


One must show attach one of the following
documents as an address proof:

Electricity bill copy

Landline bill copy

Back statements

Broadband bill copy


Voter ID

Driving license

Statement of your credit card

Letter of allotment

Please note that your documents must be at
least three months old in order to apply for AADHAR card application.

Proof of
Date of Birth

Following is the list of the same:

Passport copy

Driving license

Birth certificate issued by Municipal authority

Payment order of pensions

Marriage certificate

•    Affidavit
which was signed in front of the magistrate conditioning your date of birth

 If you do not live in India

The list of documents is will be similar to
that mentioned above. In addition to the same, NRIs must show the following
documents as well:

•    Overseas citizenship document issued by the
government of India

Taxpayer/ National identification number which must be attested by
Indian Embassy or consulate in the country where the applicant lives

Visa issued by the sponsor where applicant is working granted by the
country they live in

Indian Origin card of NRIs issued by the government of India

While applying for an AADHAR card, one must
keep their documents ready in hand in order to fasten the procedure. Once you
have applied for the AADHAR card, you can check the status of the same through
an online platform. You can visit the official site as mentioned, where you
have applied respectively. Follow the procedure of checking the status online,
and keep your acknowledgment/application number in your hand.

Enter the details in the box; you can check
the status of the same. Though the procedure of applying for AADHAR card
application might seem like a troublesome job, if your documents are organized
in a sound manner; you have nothing to worry about! Happy applying!

Step-By-Step Guide To Fill AADHAR Card
Application Form

AADHAR card is certainly
an essential card requirement for those presenting genuine financial
transactions like professional fees, buying mutual funds and more. But it is considered
to be one of the most important