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There are many social and ethical issues surrounding the use and abuse of drugs.  Drug abuse is both a public and a personal issue.  Raising questions about rights and the boundaries of law as well as about national jurisdiction and international authority.  A drug that is available only with written instructions from a doctor or dentist to a pharmacist is the only ethical way to do drugs.   Although there is a bias to associate drug abuse with poverty.  The problem affects every gender and race and pregnant women are no exception.  A survey estimated that 6.4 percent of Americans misuse are dependent on alcohol.  Drug abuse also plays a role in many major social problems.  Like drunk driving,stress , violence, and child abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated the number of users of drugs in 2014 in the United States ages 12 and to be about 7 million.  

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We take drugs to guide our consciousness and moods in enjoyable ways.  There are several disputes that have been raised for and against authorizing weed  We consume alcohol in the evenings when we want to unwind and relax.  Amphetamines are taken as an energy boost.  But some people have it more than dinner or after five.  People can be addicted with alcohol just like a drug.  A lot of people use pot to relax.  Others take LSD to have fun.  I believe we should not demand the value of recreational drug use as a society. There are numerous controversies that have been raised for and against legalizing weed.  In view of that, think of one as purpose behind suspecting that it’s not a smart thought to constantly be doing drugs.  This does not demonstrate that one should never smoke pot, nor does it about the sanctioning of cannabis.  Related to ethics is the thought of what is better for the community.  

It has been claimed that the autonomy of heroin is agree when they are deciding between taking their drug of addiction and with holding.  Identified with excellent moral is that the thought of what’s useful for the group. With we contend that addicts are probably going to be calm, and in this way equipped for insightful idea.  When moving toward specialists to take an interest to investigate.  We dismiss behavioral confirmation indicated to set up that addicts need self-rule. We introduce a contention that extraneous powers must be overpowering keeping in mind the end goal to settle on a decision of non self ruling.  We dispute that heroine does not present such a compelling power.  We put forth a fence that medication arranged wants are solid consistent wants, which do not trade off consent.  On these contentions, a calm heroin addict is someone who is addicted who must be viewed as equipped, independent and fit for giving assent. All the more for the most part, any contention against authorization of medications or supporting encroachment of the freedom of those wanting to take medications of compulsion must be founded on contemplations of damage and paternalism, and not on false claims that addicts need opportunity of the will.  


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