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As the healthcare industry continues to grow dramatically, the population, and the aid of health care treatments for people all over the world is growing with it. It is vital for people who need assistance with their health that they are getting the proper care and treatment they need in order to live a healthy, sustainable life. The health care industry provides people with medical equipment, medical supplies, and health care services, such as clinics, hospitals, home healthcare providers, transitional care units, and nursing homes. This industry aims to provide people with innovations enhancing quality of life, life expectancy, and diagnostic and treatment options that are effective, and cost efficient for the population and their families. When looking for a healthcare innovation, individuals and their families want something that can be easily accessible, easy to understand, easy to utilize to reduce potential medical errors, and something that will be effective for them. There are countless innovations such as apps, pill reminders, text messages, mobile games, and much more. Although there are many ways any of these innovations may help, the idea is to aid patients and their families with their medication adherence in the best possible way that has been discovered. Taking medications as prescribed is vital for maintaining ones health. With Medisafe, this simple and effective innovation aids in medication adherence through one easy to use app. This app helps individuals manage and take their medication on time with a cloud synced mobile medication management platform. Medisafe allows family, friends, and caregivers to aid by alerting them if a medication was taken or not. With all medications in one organized application, it is easy to share with doctors, or nurses on how an individual is doing with their treatment. Medisafe also has many benefits, one of which offers personalized health information, resources, any interactions medications may cause, and answers to mostly any questions one may have. The app is free, easy to use, and has step by step instructions on how to manage medications. In order to download the app, one has to have a smartphone. Once the app is downloaded to a smartphone, one can sign up and start right away by adding the first medication they are prescribed. The nice thing about the app is once the medication is found, it appears with the appropriate pill, shape, and color. This may be helpful for individuals who do not know the name of their medication but know why it is prescribed based on the color, shape, or size. The app also offers a feature to change the dosage, the appearance of the pill, as well as the frequency and time of day, if needed. The app also has a reminder on how many pills one has left before it is time for their next refill. This easy process with simple steps is done the same way with each medication added to the app. Once all of the medications is added to the app, the featured pillbox is divided into four squares from the morning, afternoon, evening until night which will show all of the scheduled meds and will notify the individual when it is time to take each medication. What if even these features are still not enough for someone to stay on top of their medications? Not a worry, this app also has a feature where one can add “Medfriends” which will notify their friends if the individual misses a dose. A weekly report will start once the first medication has been taken to keep track of everything. This app also allows individuals to add their children’s medication if needed, in a separate profile which can be switched at any time on the main menu. A lot of prescribed medications have drug to drug interactions which some individuals may not be aware of. Medisafe alerts the individual if two medications have any type of interaction. The app also features a measurement tab which the individual can insert their vitals along with their pain level and much more. Jotting notes, any side effects, questions, concerns, feelings, or anything the individual may want seems like a good way to keep track of important details pertaining to their medications or themselves. The app does feature a notes tab where one can jot anything down based on their condition, what they are feelings or little reminders. This medication innovation not only aids individuals that take multiple medications, but it also aids physicians on how their patient is doing, and families of the individuals. The app has multiple benefits another including a wireless pill bottle. This bottle can be linked to the app which then records when an individual opens the bottle and takes their medication. “Medisafe gets people started by educating them about their meds and condition, then keeps them going by sharing progress, offering helpful tips, and curating tailored prescription coupons and special offers” (Medisafe, 2018).  Many research shows that the app is successful and is used by millions of users to help with medication adherence as well as all the other features this app has to offer. “Founded in 2012, Medisafe is a leading cloud-based mHealth platform for medication management, helping users worldwide adhere to even the most complicated medication schedules. It helps stakeholders across the care continuum better leverage their limited time and resources to achieve improved medication adherence. Medisafe is approaching four million patient and caregiver users, with more than 650 million medication doses managed worldwide” (Improving Prescription Medication, 2011). There is no age limit to Medisafe. The app can be effective for any given age group. Parents can even download the app for medication reminders and maybe for just keeping things organized for their children. This innovation promotes efficiency by being super effective and easy to use. When all the information is transferred to the app including medications, times, weekly reports, measurements, and notes, from there on out all one needs is their phone and the rest is practically taken care of. It is fast, straightforward, organized, and efficient to not only the user but caregivers, doctors, and family members. With all of the features included in the app and not just the medication reminder, it is simple and effective when communicating about medication administration with people who are there to help. Through the Medfriend feature, friends and family are invited to view and access all of their medications enhancing the quality of safety of patient care. Not only does it make the individual stay on top of their medications but their loved ones who worry more about them have access to staying on top of things too. No one likes to pay hundreds and thousands of money on health care innovations, as they already have other medical bills to pay for. Believe it or not, Medisafe is free. There is no cost to purchase the app, or no cost to add medications, or share reports with anyone. What more could anyone want! 

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