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I. Backgrounds
The first nuclear bomb dropped was on August 6 1945 the US dropped on Hiroshima in WWII. The first place banned for nuclear testing was Antartica in 1959. On July 1, 1968 the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is opened for signatures.The US and the Soviet Union and sixty other countries signed the treaty to end nuclear warfare and make people focus on the importance of nuclear warfare on July 1, 1968. So far 189 parties have signed the NPT and Israel is yet to sign it. Then in September 24, 1996 The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty opens for signatures. The NPT is a worldwide treaty that doesn’t allow nuclear weapons to be present in your own country. India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea. In 1998 North Korea scares Japan by testing a medium range missile over the Japans land. The missile’s range was shown to be about 600 miles meaning that any part of Japan and South Korea was within range of North Koreas weapons. Japan is the only country ever to have been attacked by nuclear weapons. In 2002, President George Bush named Iran, Iraq, and North Korea the Axis of Evil because of the WMD that they had at the time.  Later that year, unofficial reports suggest that North Korea has built nuclear arsenals and will have enough uranium to build six nuclear bombs through 2003. On October 9, 2006 North Korea tested a nuclear weapon with the same power capability of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. North Korea announced that it has become the world’s eighth nuclear weapons state. They also announced that their missiles have the range to hit anything in South Korea, Japan, U.S., China, and Russia. 

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II. United Nations Involvement 
About 50 years ago President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his speech “Atoms for peace” to the UN general assembly. This sparked the idea of having a nuclear free world and no WMD either. Also on January 1946, the UN called for an elimination of atomic weapons because of the damage the bomb did to Hiroshima. In 1958, 10,000 scientists presented a petition to United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold that said, “immediate action must be taken to stop testing nuclear weapons.” A decade later the UN proposed a treaty called the NPT (non proliferation treaty). They also created the Partial Test Ban Treaty which banned nuclear testing in the atmosphere, outer space, and under water. They also made the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty that is yet to come into play but was already signed in 1996. They also made many bilateral and pluryilateral treaties to eliminate certain categories of nuclear weapons and to prevent the proliferation of these weapons and their delivery vehicles. There are many various treaties between the US and Russia and many others. Some of these different treaties are the Missile Tech Control Regime, Nuke Suppliers Group, Hague Code Conduct on Ballistic Missile Proliferation, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. The UN created all these treaties hoping to promote disarmament and aiming to prevent non proliferation. These treaties are all in hopes to have a safer world and less devastating wars between countries. 

II. Policy and Actions
We as a nation, Israel, will not destroy our nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants to establish a nuclear free zone in our country. Our nukes have given our country peace and less wars then before we had them. We believe in the idea of being nuclear free but us as a country cannot just give up all of our safety. Years ago we decided to put funding towards creating nuclear weapons. In the 1950s we started our research on building nuclear weapons. Now we have about 80 nuclear warheads ready for launch. We also have the capability of making many more with enough materials to double that number. We have never declared ourselves a nuclear weapon country because we don’t want to gain attention from all of our close enemies. We created these nukes because we needed a strong defense against many of our neighboring countries that are angry at our religious beliefs. We have put lots of thought into becoming nuclear free but this is just not possible. We are open to talk about finding alternate solutions opposed to just giving up all of our nuclear weapons.
We are right in the middle of some of the most powerful countries in the world and many of our enemies right next to us. We need to have nuclear weapons to protect our country and its sacred elements. If we had no nuclear weapons then we could be eradicated from our homes. We know there are many people that disagree with our religious beliefs and this disagreement can lead to terrorism but with nuclear weapons and strong firepower terrorists and extremists would be scared to come into our country. That being said our dispute with Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and Arab could end much worse if we had no means of protecting ourselves against them. 
Our country has also been very effective while using weapons like UAVS and other missile launchers. While the first UAVS were being made in the world we began making some of ours. After we developed a good model of ours called the “Mastiff” we sent it out on a mission. In 1982 during the Lebanon War, we flew our drones over Syria to destroy their missiles. We used our “Mastiff” and killed 12 Syrian people and destroyed most of Syria’s air defense program. We never even had to risk the lives of our people to do so. Showing the effectiveness of our people can also prove that we know how to use our weapons that we develop. 
I think that we should also consider the fact that we have not had a major war since other countries found out that we had nuclear weapons. The last few wars in our country have been the Yom Kippur War, Lebanon War, and the Arabian War. The Yom Kippur War was on October 6, 1973.We were surprise attacked on Yom Kippur, a very holly day for our citizens. Egypt and Syria came to attack us hoping to gain back land. We found hard and won but lost many Israelis. This war happened before any nuclear weapons had been fully developed in our country.  The Lebanon War happened on March 1978 and ended on 1982. We invaded Lebanon to push back their militia after they attacked a bus with Israelis aboard. The second attack happened after an assassination attempt on Israel’s ambassador to Britain. We bombed Lebanon’s PLO headquarters  in 1981 then soon after in 1982 we sent in 60,000 troops to destroy their PLO. Lastly, 800 Palestinian refugees were massacred at the hands of Lebanese Christian militias. The Arabian war was in May 15, 1948 – March 1949. This war was before we even had any sort of uranium so we didn’t have any nukes. 
Also Israel should be allowed to keep their weapons because they have put lots of time and money into their weapons. Israel has spent 1.9 billion and it has taken them around 60 years to develop all of their high technology weaponry. With all this focus put on their weaponry they would loose so much money if they had to get rid of their weapons. This would put lots of strain on Israels economy. Destroying their nukes would be devastating and not even worth the safety if they would loose so much money. 
Another reason that we need our nuclear weapons is our mere size. Israel is smaller then New Jersey. Israel is 8,019 mi² and New Jersey is 8,723 mi² yet Israel has the 6th most nuclear weapons in the country. Imagine what countries like Iran’s and Iraq’s armies could do to Israel without any strong firepower like nuclear weapons or help from other countries. The fighting between Israelis and Palestinians have caused us enough problems already and creating NFZ would cause even more problems between us and Palestine.  This could be counter-acted by allowing us to keep our nukes, maybe this will frighten them and they will back off if we are allowed to keep our nukes. 
I think one solution for our problem of trying to establish a nuclear free zone is that we ban the use of using uranium to make nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. Nuclear power plants generate power by causing a controlled fission chain reaction using uranium. If we banned uranium in every country then we could slow the use of nuclear power. Nuclear power radiation is horrible and causes thousands of different birth defects on new born babies. Another problem of uranium is that it is hard to get rid of. Since it is so radioactive to humans we cant just dispose of it in the trash. We have to bury it deep into the earth so it can’t harm humans. This is extremely expensive to dig super deep and it is bad for the plants. If we put radioactive material under plants they would slowly die out. The last problem with uranium is when it is used for nuclear warfare. Even though many countries have nuclear weapons only one country has actually used one in war. On August 6, 1945 the US dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. The destruction was horrific as 130,000 people died from the explosion. Then dropped another bomb on Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands more. Then the nuclear waste radiation in the air started to flow through more parts of Japan. This killed another 70,000 and wounded many more too. Lastly, after all that, then came the birth defects. Many children born within a year of the explosion were born with horrible defects from the radiation. All these horrible problems are caused all from nuclear weapons.  
Another solution to our problem is to allow Israel to keep their current nuclear weapons but ban the creation of more future nuclear weapons to be built. We could do this by having yearly check ups from the IAEA and/or other NGOs. To fund the checkups we would start a startup company on funding. Israel has many large start up companies and is the 2 for having most startup companies in the world. This solution is a win-win for every country including Israel. 
In conclusion, I think that Israels policy on nuclear war is actually pretty smart. As such a small country in the middle of lots of turmoil they are pretty much required to have strong WMD and nuclear weapons. Giving up all their weapons would be suicidal for their country’s economy. Even if every country agreed to give up their nukes, Israel would become a larger target for all countries because of the land and their religion. Their small army couldn’t defend against larger armies, so keeping their weapons would allow them to be safe against these larger countries. The solutions created are not only going to help Israel but could also benefit the world as well if we took these in to consideration everyone could benefit. 

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