Over the past years, I have developed

Over the past years, I have developed my interest in finance. My father’s retail business was shut mainly from a bad loan transaction. This brought about my passionate interest with many questions than answers. I learned to find my answers from industry placements that exposed me to a lot of business management experiences. My motivation to pursue the finance program at American University is to transform my answers into training me to make better business choices, supported by in-depth analyses.My focus as an undergraduate was with an eye toward graduate school and a career in corporate finance. I aspire to work immediately with an investment bank after acquiring the necessary academic tools from the program. I hope to contribute to the value of deals in offering expertise practices to businesses in Ghana. By providing business owners with the adequate understanding of economic issues, equipping them to make informed financial decisions for their businesses. Currently, many businesses are expanding and in need of capital to fund that growth and I hope to make an impact by providing optimal sources of equity. My long-term goal is to grow businesses through an investment advisory firm; it will provide financial advisory services to the small and medium scale businesses (public and private) in Ghana on financial assignments with the necessary economic concepts. My undergraduate work in economics proved it as the science of business. It is why there is a financial economics specialization in economics. This fit with economics is what has prepared for the finance degree. I took yearlong courses in Economic theory, Public Finance and Econometrics that parallel to the finance industry. I enjoyed seeing how these theoretical statistical techniques correlated to the real-world finance industry. After every class, I went to speak with my instructors to understand how these theories were being applied to real work analyses, and they never failed to fascinate me.Research is an aspect of graduate school for which I have both an interest and a sound background. I worked on a focus group report “Transformation Agenda-GHL Bank” with supervision from Prof. Robert Ebo Hinson. While at the Centre for Migration Studies (CMS), I had the good fortune to work with Mr. Emmanuel Quarshie under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Teye. I worked on developing new research data exploring the positives of migration to the cities. I achieved this through qualitative and quantitative research methods studied in my economics and geography coursework. My work experiences with Barclays Bank, GHL Bank, and PricewaterhouseCoopers exposed me to receive foundational knowledge in underwriting, valuations, debt advisory, financial modeling, and mergers & acquisitions. The overall lessons and skills I internalized from these experiences including extensive number crunching, excellent communication, and strong ethical standards define my strong sense of purpose as a future student. Wealth transfer and the underlying principles thereof continue to intrigue me. I have loved finding out why specific financial ideas work reliably in certain zones while proving disastrous when applied elsewhere. It is my ultimate goal to practically use the acquired knowledge, skills, experiences and my capacity as a finance professional to strengthen Ghana’s external sector in a propitious period, I believe that helping others is the root of all true meaning in life, and I would want to help others in an endeavor more meaningful. I would be happy to pursue development project assignments anywhere in the developing world.My interests in studying at the American University has grown out of conversations with Maha Alkhayal and Yvonne Okafor, who have all shared specific in-depth experiences about the Finance program. When I spoke about my interest with Dr. Timothy Timura, he further assured me that KSB would offer the excellent finance education and professional opportunities I am looking for. I am especially excited about the department’s strength in experiential learning, which will prepare me for my career aspirations.In addition to technical and academic facilities, I was able to successfully fuse my undergraduate curricula, with my extracurricular activities; this volunteer work with Citizens Initiative, and mentorship activities, while maintaining strong academic records exemplifies my ability to succeed in graduate school. I also played for the University of Ghana tennis and soccer teams’. I am able to interact and enjoy a great spectrum of people; this is one of my strongest personality traits.  If accepted into the American University, I will bring a unique way of understanding and perspective through my Ghanaian background. I would like to use my background to contribute to class interactions to motivate others and myself in the program to succeed. I believe my determination and experiences in the pursuit of knowledge, along with other qualifications, can lead to success in the graduate program at the Kogod School of Business. I wish to reassure this committee that, if given the opportunity, I will work diligently to complete the master’s program in Finance.