Our talent in the end, still relies on

Our society has long established the concept of “equality”, but fundamentally there is still those who are better than others. For centuries, the question of whether natural-born talent or hard work are superior have continued to exist and has since been debated among scholars, researchers, and people of all types of profession. Naturally, a high percentage of people suggest that talent is more important, but this is not necessarily true because talent in the end, still relies on hard work.Many people assume that talent is the key to success because they have the advantage, but talent can only take you so far in life. Hard work is what drives people to change themselves and strive further beyond their abilities. According to Joseph Chris’s blog, “With hard work, talent can be grown and built”, in which talent cannot progress without the presence of hard work. So, without hard work, people would give up because they believe that talent would still outdo them no matter how hard they strive, letting their sense of hopelessness dictate them into never trying. Yet, they don’t realize that talent alone is like a king without his subjects. A king may have power, but it does not mean he is strong.However, recent researches, written by Chia Jung Tsay in his article “Privileging Naturals over Strivers”, have found that people may have an unconscious preference for talent. The reason indicated was that people believed in the potential of talent in which they can achieve higher than what hard work can. An article from New York Times, “Sorry Strivers, Talent Matters”, claims that if two pianists were to sit down to sight read (play a piece of music for the first time), it’s more likely that the one with natural-born talent would have performed considerably better due to their ability in remembering music notes and rhythm. But if you were to reconsider, someone who wakes up at 4 am to practice playing the piano, has more hours to practice than someone who wakes up at 8 am to start practicing. Talent can start you off, but hard work is what pushes you further than that starting line.I was in 9th grade when I started drawing and it has been two years since then. While live streaming on instagram one day, I came across a fan who happens to like my art. I asked if they like to draw as well considering their interest in art and unexpectedly, it came out to be a scornful discontent against my question. He told me he had try drawing for 10 years, yet no progress and as a result he quit. So comparing to me who has only drawn for about 2 years is thanks to talent.Having talent does not mean you love what you do and my love for drawing did not come from talent. Out of all the thousands of “talented” people in the “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, a phrase said by Tim Notke, a high school coach, and later popularized by Kevin Durant in 2007 when he was the national college player of the year.Hard work has always been the foundation of determination, perseverance, and patience. Society builds itself from these substantial aspects and without it, we would collapse.


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