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Our memories can be influenced by a number of factors. There are generally three types of memory: sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. Though theses there are multiple errors you can make. Sensory memory lasts only a couple of  seconds which could be quickly forgotten or be transfer  to short-term memory or sometimes long-term memory. Short-term memory can only hold some information for a brief period. As you put new items in short-term memory, the existing items slowly disappears. Short-term memory is very limited which makes it very unreliable for the information to be correct. You can miss chucks of information due to the limited space. Long-term memory is information or memories that has been stored in your brain over time. Long-term memories can last for just a few days, or for many years. There are usually two types of long-term memory types, episodic or semantic. Episodic is our memory of a certain event at a given point in our lives, for example, our first kiss. On the other hand sematic is like an organized record of facts, skills, concepts, and statistics, for example playing instruments. The way in which we remember long-term information is usually through recall or recognition. Although long term memory can be reliable we often interpret the same incident differently than others who were there or over the years we can change the way we remember things making it not so reliable. There are many ways how our emotions are affected. Cognition links in the experience of one’s emotion. It is a perception of one’s thoughts. How someone thinks affects emotion and the emotional state of one influences certain thoughts. For example, when someone is angry you blame others which makes you more inclined to think the worst of that person’s behavior or motives. Culture also determines much of what people feel emotions about. The culture we live in shapes how we think, behavior, view and respond certain situations. Each culture follows sets of rules affecting the way we view certain acta and behavior. For example in some cultures it is okay to do certain things while in another culture that act could be frowned upon. Lastly gender role has a huge effect on one’s emotion. While we are growing up there are different roles and stereotypes of men and women they must perform. The stereotypes and roles play with the emotions resulting in men and women to use different ways to express emotions.Negative emotions can easily affect one’s physical health. One negative emotions is Stress, which can raise your adrenaline to extreme heights so that when it drops quickly you can feel sick. It can also make you easily confused and cause mood swings. Also stress can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in your body. Cortisol increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and contributes to weight gain Often when someone has a lot of negative emotions , for example depressions or anger, they turn into many things in order to release the negative emotions. Many people will lead to having an excessive amount of junk food leading to gain weight, feel sluggish and have health issues causing your physical health at risk. Also some people will use drugs leading to have a negative effect on one’s physical health.


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