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Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow’s success
lies in its history as a seaport on the River Clyde and its growth during the
Industrial Revolution into a global shipbuilding powerhouse and a world-leading
centre for chemicals, textiles and engineering. Today the wider metropolitan
area is home to over 1.8 million people, which is over 33% of the total
population of Scotland. Glasgow has the third highest GDP per capita of any
city in the UK and boasts a diverse range of industries, including the
financial and business sectors. It’s a city that’s found its place in the
modern world and you could find your place here too. It’s no surprise that new
builds in Glasgow are in high demand.


Things to do


Glasgow is a city that has plenty to
offer, from the drama of the Old Firm football derbies between Rangers and
Celtic to the sophisticated delights of the arts and culture worlds. The
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Riverside Museum are two of the most popular
tourist destinations, with the latter celebrating the city’s maritime history,
with a tall ship to explore. For a spot of nature, there’s the Strathclyde
Country Park or the Botanic Gardens, along with over 90 public parks and
gardens. For music fans, Glasgow has a variety of venues of all sizes, along
with a rich history of pop and rock bands hailing from the city, earning it a
UNESCO City Of Music honour. There’s also a number of theatres and several arts
festivals that run across the year, including the Glasgow International Comedy




As befits a city the size of Glasgow, it
has an impressive transport network, including the most extensive rail system
in the UK outside of London. This includes the Glasgow Subway, which is the
only completely underground metro system in the UK, and also the West Coast
Mainline, which runs all the way down to London. Glasgow Airport and Glasgow
Prestwick Airport both offer international travel.




Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow
is the fourth oldest university in the English speaking world and the city is
well serviced with higher education institutions with four universities all
within 10 miles of the city centre. This means there’s a student population of
over 50,000 in Glasgow, making it a real hotbed for education, while there are
also 29 secondary schools and almost 150 primary schools in the city too.

Help to Buy Glasgow

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