Other in which personnel have been recruited for

Other Factors

Companies could also
be affected for worker shortages based on:

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·       Employee

·       Bad
work climate

·       Mismatch
between perspectives and reality in team and organization

·       Lack
of internal communication

·       Lack
of cooperation

·       Lack
of coordination

·       Conflicts
of interest






Creative Recruitment Strategies

One of the
challenges Human Resources manager are facing is to find creative recruitment
strategies; following a plan to innovate and remain productive to enjoy the
benefits of creativity without losing productivity.

What is Traditional Recruitment:

recruitment has been the way in which personnel have been recruited for
companies and organizations. Involves features such as:

Knowledge of the labor market. For traditional
recruitment it is necessary to know the labor market and the best sources of
recruitment for each position or profile.

The profile of the recruiter. Often a person dedicated
exclusively to the task of recruiting people and with multiple skills developed
over time, and a good nose to recognize the best sources of recruitment that
candidates provide.

Wide variety of recruitment sources. Advertisements in
newspapers, referrals, radio ads, physical and virtual curriculums, employment
offices or employment agencies, company database, employment portals, external

Human implication. The traditional recruitment was a job
that necessarily had to involve creativity, intellectuality and human effort
(more than technological).

It was carried
forward through manual actions, typical of the human being except for the
operation of the databases that in principle were on paper and then bases in
excel or on the pages of companies. The intuition and experience of the
recruiter was vital.

Per Human Resource
Management book by Hayes and Ninemeier, recruitment consists in two methods:
Internal and External search.

Search: A promote from within recruitment approach used to
seek qualified job applicants.

Search: An approach to seeking job applicants that focuses
on candidates not currently employed by the organization. The book says that
many managers use an external search to help identify some pool qualified job
applicants. The traditional search involves

What is Creative Recruitment?

The traditional
recruitment processes stopped being the only option of search and attraction to
select the candidates. Human resources professionals face the great challenge
of automating the efforts to search for staff, this means from assisting in
technology with psychometric tests via the web, leaving behind those of paper
and pencil, making simulations, evaluation centers, search portals of search
with niches, marketing through mobile sending information of the vacant
positions, video curriculum, audios in Internet, to make blog to catch
postulants and until fairs of virtual employments.

For some sectors
the line staff at the level of technicians or plant worker, is the real
headache for an educational and social problem, companies that do not invest in
selection and training processes can cost the service of a very high price. a
work force that is not aligned with its quality standards.

How to implement
creative recruitment strategies:

The Human Resource Department must clear about the organization needs and its

This point is
applicable to almost any strategy. Before starting, the needs and objectives of
the action needs to be defined; therefore, it will be much easier to make
decisions, think strategies and measure the effectiveness.

It is important to
still use the traditional channels of recruitment. The key is to analyze these
processes well, and think about their shortcomings and points of improvement. The
hiring manager examine the limitations of their process, for example, not
reaching a certain sector of the population.

Feeding creativity in the day to day

There is always
room for something else, creativity comes when it arrives, but there are always
ways to stimulate it. The Human Resources team might reserve 15 or 30 minutes a
day to investigate new recruiting techniques, online communities or useful
tools that help to achieve the goals they have defined in the first phase. For
example: It is hard to find a certain technician in the traditional ways,
however, they could use these 15 minutes to learn more about these types of
professionals. Searching for information on the latest news in the sector,
checking which forums are most updated and try to understand each day a little
more to the target profile to get all the necessary information to think about
effective strategies.


Diversity is also
part of that set. It is proven that workers want to face challenges and learn
something new every day, and that is achieved by having the opportunity to
interact with colleagues from different backgrounds. It is true that, in
general, organizations have never had a more diverse or equal staff, but there
is work to be done. The Human Resources teams could be turning partly due to
the demands of society and the regulations in force. Necessarily this will entail
a coordinated effort to attract a wider variety of candidates. In addition, it
is important to note that the change must go from the inside out: that is, it
is not relevant to hire a greater variety of candidates if it continues to be
located in the same types of functions. The challenge here will be to bring to
light the true extension of homogeneity in the organization through accurate
data, and this is possible thanks to talent management tools that allow fast
and accurate audits to solve the diversity problems of a more specific way.

Creative recruitment ideas to apply

*Challenge the professionals to show
talent: With a small budget to promote the challenge and offer a reward in
addition to the job.

*Street marketing campaigns: Knowing the
profiles the company needs are audacious staging to personally visit an area
frequented by professionals can give better results than an advertisement in
the local newspaper.

*Open day: A day of open doors in the
company. It offers a tour of the facilities, serves food, calls the press and
shows that it is rewarding to work in the organization.

*Apply Social Media Massively: According
to “Creative Approaches to Filling a Key Position” (P3) Marketing the position
through Social Media is a way to get more applicants.

Future of Creative Recruitment:

The current demands of the labor market
and new technologies have changed the way talent is captured. International
labor mobility makes online interview more and more common. The companies
increase their interest to personally know the candidates.

New technologies are key in the
transformation of the personnel selection processes of companies. It is
increasingly common to interview by videoconference or online interview. many
companies need to look for talent wherever they are and they make the selection


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