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One of the most hyped industries and career choice these days, blogging has taken the world by storm. Fashion, food, travel, automobiles, academics, people are blogging about almost anything and everything these days. Google anything that comes to your mind first and I am pretty sure there’s somebody out there writing about it. And not just writing, the ones who lack the skill and patience to write are documenting it in the form of vlogs. But blogging as a concept has evolved a lot with time.  There are more rules than ever before and with tools like SEO, you can reach a global audience, educate people about the area you expertise in and share opinions. So here’s your guide to blogging in 2018, we hope it answers some of your questions.

1.     By the People, From the People

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Initially, blogging emerged as a concept where individuals would promote themselves. But that changed over time and blogging in 2018 is completely different. Everybody is blogging; every major brand has a dedicated blog that incorporates visual elements and even videos with creatively written text.

This sudden interest was developed when brands realised the reach and potential blogging had. Tools like SEO have given more access to the readers than ever. Also, the content is extremely budget-friendly and can be easily shared on other social media platforms. The fact that a blog post lasts forever ensures better returns.

2.     Doing it right

With millions and millions of blogs, blogging in 2018 is extremely tough and competitive. But consistency is the key. One needs to be regular, genuine and post stuff customized for his/her target audience.

Also, be a little creative, post stuff that you believe in. A blog should reflect individuality, only then will it stand apart from the crowd. Following somebody blindly will surely not get you anywhere. Since, there are already too many fish in the sea.    

3.     Not just about text

If you are not all about writing, don’t worry there’s a whole new section of people that feel exactly the same way. They find written blogs rather uninteresting and prefer visuals and graphics. So target those costumers, make vlogs, use info graphics and audio-only mediums like podcasts or maybe even combination of all these to get best results.

One needs to play around a bit and see what works out the best for them, what gets them the attention they need from their target audience.

4.      Share your expertise

Now, we all love a good bargain right? Especially if it’s something that will be useful to us in the long run; thus while creating content for a blog, this approach should be used.

 People will only pay attention in the long run if you present them with useful information in the most interesting way possible. If you fail to do so, they have like a million others waiting for them. So, choose a particular niche and post good, creatively developed and intellectual material. It’s all about substance!

5.     Reinvest in your blog

Blogs in 2018 require quick evolution; that means changing the designs regularly, cleaning bad links, creating professional images and graphics and what not.

You need to constantly think of ways to make it better and all that requires a funds and time. So, invest capital, educate yourself about different SEO factors such as keyword density, speed and mobile optimisation.  




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