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On learning that I was going to study undergraduate  course Computer Science in 2014, someone said to me, you’ve got to learn two things which is hard in it. The Coding and The logic behind it. At that time it seemed kind of inconsequential. But once I started, it went on well. Now I am used to it. It was my own curiosity over computer science which lead me to inquisitive and reasoning skillsThrough the course of the four year Btech degree program in computer science department at the most reputed Malla Reddy Engineering College, I have secured an attitude of discipline with a special interest in Database Management, .Net Technology, Object Oriented programming. And it is this interest for programming, combined with my desire to dig deeper into the working of various Applications and technologies which promotes me to apply for an MS in computer science.In my final year of college, I worked with a team of four classmates to develop a ” EAACK – A Secure Intrusion Detection System for MANET’S”. The project was undertaken by IBM company. It is about implementation of new intrusion detection system named as Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement(EAACK).Apart from the project undertaken in college, it was my desire to gain exposure to the software industry and this prompted me to take up various training and  Internship. In 2016, I have done my internship in NSIC on “DOCTOR ONLINE” project.Having a strong foundation in the computer science field through a vigorous undergraduate program I feel that this is the right time to take up graduate studies. I wish to advance my understanding of the nuances of the computer science field and use the knowledge to further my chances for a lucrative career in software.The masters program in information technology provided by the Rmit university will truly provide me with the right knowledge, enhance my skills and to pursue my dreams and to achieve the  opportunities to the lavish extent. The practical orientation of your in depth program work will give confidence  to not only achieve a clear understanding of the subject but also the skills to execute it.


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