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Olweus (1992: 14-15) defines school bullying or being bullied as follows “An individual is bullied or is a victim of bullying if he or she is repeatedly or prolonged one or more other negative acts. “Expression as a negative act means the fact that someone deliberately produces or is trying to produce another injury or unpleasant feeling. These acts can be verbally created by threatening, joking or name calling, physically hitting, spraying, kicking or social isolation, an indivudal or group of indivduals.Olweus defintion of bullying is used by many scientist in futher studying bullying.Salmivalli (2003) is on the same line with Olweus (1992). According to the salmon variety: “Bullying is a systematic abuse of power” It is inevitable that people will  experience conflicts and disagreements at some point in their life it may occur during childhood or adulthood. In schools children tend to be involved in play it is more noticable when young boys participate in play as it often results in a child being injured .It is important for teachers to identify the difference between play and systematic bullying.Systematic bullying is targeted at one another the pupil.Salmivalli defines school bullying like this: “Bullying is meant together and intentionally hostile behaviours repeatedly in the same pupil “. The dynamics  of this type of bullying is that the bully is stronger than the bullied. Strength does not necessarily need to be physical, but it can also be based on age, support, or position in the group. Usually the victim of bullying  is alone and the bullies may be the entire classroom. Bullying is therefore a communal phenomenon in which the bully seeks position, power, and popularity through bullying. Bullying is then only a station reinforcement tool (Wolke, Woods, Bloomfield & Karstadt, 2000).The definition of school bullying is needed in school because bullying can be detected and tackled as early as possible. If bullying is defined in the long term for repeated occurrence and put into practice the number of bullying incidents will reduce as teachers will be trained to indentfy victim of bullying andbe trained to provide support for theses students. The earlier school bullying is detected the easier it is to tackle the problem this is because the roles of the students have not yet stabilized.Bullying tendto bullyingothers because of their own insecurities and to avoid being harrased or bullied themeselves.School bullying is all about it breaking this  gap. In this case, it is important that both parties, bullies and bullies, without prejudice (Williams, Chambers, Logan & Robinson, 1996).Bullying usually involves three essential  matters. First, the bully may be experiencing a bad time for example they are being neglected at home or even suffering from abuse at home.Some bullies minic other behaviour they seen on a regular basis and do not think they are causing any harm to the victim.Secondly, offensive uses are repeatedly and applied to the same person.This shows an imbalance in power relations. Finnaly ( what is the third stage?).For these three paragraphs, the tormented is hard to defend and do nothing to change the situation. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish when the discrimination is a form of bullying or when a student just wants to be in their own.