Oliver Brown had fought and his valiant fight has led to the end of any direct means for any school to segregate students based on the color of their skin, however his fight was to end the segregation in general, allowing for students of all ethnicity and race to be together in one classroom and learn as equals, not as on being different for some reason due to their race. However, this case was not specific enough nor did it touch details much needed today but what it did do was allow for motive and cause to be born. In the article “How Relevant is Brown V. Board of Education today?” written by Warren Simmons who goes into detail about what significance this case has on today’s education system, and he would state, “Today’s solutions are less focused on society and cultural benefits of integration. More on how to build the kinds of learning opportunities necessary to close existing achievement gaps and ensure that all students have the opportunity to become proficient, based on our national standards.” When he says this he means that today instead of focusing on how society or culture can be used to help close this gap, the current education system is aiming to create better and more vast opportunities in hopes that this will help close the gap created 6 decades ago. This shows that as time goes on that we approach with new methods of how we can aim to fix and create a path for the road that this case had help to create for the future of many students under the education system. The Brown Case was a fundamental necessity that started the the path that the United States has taken to reform its educational system and slowly it intends to close this gap. However Warren has mentioned that in today’s educational system’s segregation is slowly shifting towards one’s excellence than their race. Meaning a new much harder battle has just begun. Warren has made efforts to take attention off of this, but since Intelligence and one’s excellence are not something so morallyquestioned so quickly as race, this allowed for this form of segregation to be rooted. Creating


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