o it reduces mental fatigue and improves

Daytime sleepiness is the subjective
feeling of fatigue and lethargy during the waking hours of the day.


It is a widely prevalent phenomenon, especially
in college students.(1,4)

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Napping is a viable and effective way
to mitigate daytime sleepiness(1,4,7)

·      However,
upon waking up from a  nap subjects often
experience a period of “sleep inertia” i.e. a period of mental fatigue and
impaired alertness that arises due to awakening from deep sleep.(5,6)

·      Thus
taking up counter measures to counteract the sleep inertia that follows afternoon
naps increase the viability of napping in alleviating daytime sleepiness.

·      Studies
have confirmed that shorter naps are more efficacious and are associated with
reduced sleep inertia (6, 7, 8).


·      Caffeine
is among the most widespread psychoactive stimulant used in the world. It is
present in a large number of products of daily consumption like tea, coffee,
caffeinated beverages, chocolate etc.(11)



Caffeine enhances systemic adrenergic
activity and stimulates the Central Nervous System by blocking the A1 and A2 Adenosine
receptors, thus it reduces  mental fatigue
and improves alertness.(12)


·      Pre
nap caffeine has been found to reduce post nap sleep inertia significantly(9,10)



·      According
to pharmacokinetic studies, caffeine absorption from dietary coffee peaks
30-120 minutes after its ingestion.(13)


Hence, the interval of 30 minutes post
ingestion of coffee can be used a window of opportunity to have a short nap,
such that, time to wake up is in synchrony with onset of action of caffeine.
Thus, a synergistic mitigation of fatigue and sleep inertia can be achieved.


According to literature reviewed, prior
studies have tested the efficacy of these “coffee naps” in drivers, and
industrial workers (6, 9) but none have been done for the same in


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