Nowadays, recook it afterward. Besides, the majority of

Nowadays, food wastage is a habit among Malaysian household such as food that they have not finished eating will be thrown away. Food wastage will decrease our food supply and most of the time people who cannot afford food will eat whatever that is thrown away. There are few ways to reduce food wastage among Malaysian household are by donating food to others, store food efficiently and buy or eat our food smartly.

 Firstly, we can donate our food to people in need. Donating food is a process where food will be distributed among other people. In Malaysia, not all households can afford new and fresh meal every day and food leftovers can be donated and it will reduce food wastage. We can donate our food anytime if it is too much for us. Hence, we can distribute our food to our neighbour, poor family or friends.

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Secondly, store food efficiently so it last longer. Storing our food efficiently is by keeping it in a suitable place such as the refrigerator. Furthermore, if we cannot finish our food, the leftovers can be put in a suitable place like containers and by that, it will not expire and we can recook it afterward. Besides, the majority of the Malaysian household have a refrigerator to safely keep their food from exposure to hazardous matter such as flies, dust and the sun so the food will not expire easily.

Thirdly, buy and eat food smartly. These days, Malaysian household had the tendency to buy and eat food excessively. For that, we as Malaysian must know that we were taught to not eat excessively so we do not waste our food. Apart from that, we should know the things or ingredients we should buy so that wastage can be avoided.

In short, Malaysian household should prevent food wastage because there are people who are short in the food supply. We can also prevent pollution to our nature that is caused by food wastage. So, by donating food, storing food efficiently and eat or buy food smartly are how to reduce food wastage in Malaysian household.


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