Nobody Kabul, Afghanistan there was ambulance attack that

Nobody is this universe
has the power to enforce a certain belief onto others and more importantly to
take a human life over it. Everyone in this world is created equal and we
should not give in to the fear by others. . Recently in Kabul, Afghanistan
there was ambulance attack that killed 95 and injured 158 people caused by the
Islamic group called the ‘Taliban’s’.  Taliban’s
are an extreme Islamic movement that rule Afghanistan during 1991-2001. Their
main goal proposes a threat to its government and to enforce their own austere
version of Sharia which their Islamic law. . Taking a pure life is nothing new
for the Taliban. They’ve done it many years ago and they keep doing it our
current world.


The incident started out
as an attacker driving an ambulance packed with explosives detonated in Kabul. The attack, in the heart of
what’s meant to be the securest part of the city, is likely to fuel doubts over
the Afghan authorities’ ability to keep people safe (Popalzai and Spark),
meaning this happened in one of the secure zone is Kabul by the government
office and foreign embassies. The police had spotted the attacker at the check
point, but they were too late to stop the attacker where he had already the detonated
the explosives. The key issue this incident brings up is the safety and
protection of the people living in Kabul. Evaluating this issue on a global
level it is absolutely tragic and heart-breaking. This act from the Taliban
also encourages other extremist groups to impose their power in this certain
way. This would drastically impact economies around the world in a negative way
by motivating other groups to kill innocent lives to show their power and to
enforce their certain laws. This also brings conflict in to the Kabul’s
society. If the people living in their society can’t walk out without catching
a bullet in their head or being shred in to pieces by the bombs landed in their
house then I wouldn’t call it a safe society to live in. This incident alone
has caused grief, pain and most importantly fear among the society. The region
where this massacre occurred was in Kabul. The devastating attacks and number
of victims Kabul had just in the past week makes Kabul one of the dangerous
region in Afghanistan. The impact of this would be people wouldn’t want to live
in this city anymore nor anybody wants to enter Kabul as well, leaving Kabul in
the hands of Taliban’s’ and giving them more power to this region and brings
them one step closer to taking over Afghanistan. As for individual level this
issue enforces a negative impact on it. Every individual has their own certain
set of beliefs they value, but it someone where to enforce a particular belief
on them and hold an absolute power over them is unfair. Individuals should have
the right to choose their certain beliefs and shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by
their choices nor be held under by an absolute power that is not beneficial for

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In the book, “I Am
Malala” by Malala Yousafzai shows how a young girl stood up against the
Taliban’s and fought for her right to an education and got shot in the head. As
she remarked in her book, “I come from a country that was created at midnight.
When I almost dies it was just after a midday” (Yousafzai and Lamb 3) Malala
was one of many victims by the Taliban. Malala and many other girls were
forbidden education in Pakistan under the power of Taliban.   The Taliban prevented kids from getting an
education. As she said, “The Taliban could take our pens and books, but they
couldn’t stop our minds from thinking.”(Yousafzai and Lamb 146). The Taliban
wanted to show their power by enforcing their beliefs and preventing kids from
going to school. They do not care for anything but their own law. Thus they
tried to boycott other beliefs and by disrespecting their religion. As she
remarked, The Taliban are abusing our religion. “If they want every person in
the world to be Muslim, why don’t they show themselves to be good Muslims
first? (Yousafzai and Lamb). It’s not just the Taliban killing children.
Sometimes its drone attacks, sometimes its wars, sometimes its hunger. And
sometimes it’s their own family (Yousafzai and Lamb 312). This shows that the
Taliban is a dangerous group and they have no remorse in taking an innocent
life to gain power and enforce their ideologies by force. As Malala as said to
towards the end of her book, “Today Swat is more peaceful than other places, but
there are militaries everywhere. Our valley which was once a haven for
tourists, is seen now a place of fear” (Yousafzai and Lamb 312-313). The
solution this book offers was that there’s still the US military still guarding
the Swat even four years after they removed the Taliban. I understand the
military is needed for protection. I can personally appreciate the peaceful in
my society where I’m not crowded by the police and the military. One thing I
can understand and value in this situation is protection. Even if it’s loud,
packed and noisy with militaries  if end
of the day they do their job in keeping the people safe, then I think that’s more
important. Which is why I agree with this idea of protecting and keeping the
valley safe.


How big of a crisis do
the Taliban bring to our Afghanistan? In the book, “The Taliban and the crisis
of Afghanistan” by the ‘Robert D.Crews’ and ‘Amin Tarzi’, examines Taliban
effort to drive out the American allies and restore their “Islamic Emirate”
(Crews and Tarzi). One of the ways they abused their power is by training the
Pakistani religious school to implement their belief.  They were trained “practice of political
concepts like jihad as “holy war” against the Soviets and the West” (Crews and
Tarzi 107). This was a serious because the kids were taught the expectation of
a holy war around the world. The crisis is rooted form the lack of power and
the fear infused in people to stand up and fight against the Taliban. As it
remarks on the book, “The reemergence of the defeated Taliban and their growing
influence among populations are fueled by the deepening crisis of democracy in
a region where people lack political representation and the basic opportunities
necessary to emerge from this crisis”( Crews and Tarzi 117) . This shows that
the Taliban view themselves above others and their power is built from lack of
courage in people to fight back. The solution this books brings by saying that,
if they can’t “eradicate the domestic criminal networks, cut off the foreign
lifelines, and isolate and defeat the remaining pockets of insurgency and terrorists
elements, the Afghan government may lose the general population’s support as it
seeks alternative to improve its daily life” (Crews and Tarzi 310) meaning the
people who are helpless might need to reach out their arms to the Taliban. Again
I would have to agree with the idea of putting an end to criminal networks and destroy
the terrorist’s activities because then that’s the only way they can vanish
Taliban out of existence. They don’t do nothing and give up to the fear that
cause causes Taliban to grow like cancer and not being able destroy it.


In the book,
“Afghanistan’s Endless War” by ‘Larry P. Goodson’ shows the Taliban’s motive to
purify and unify. I tried not to get fooled by the words ‘purify’ and ‘unify’
because the routes and measure they take to accomplish this extremely radical
and inhumane. The Talban claimed that “the people that fear the Taliban are
like a sick person. The first taste of medicine is bad, but it tastes better
with time- they have forgotten the taste of Islam” (Goodson 109). Their
killings and massacre is compared to first taste of medicine, but how it does
it get better after killing thousands of innocent victims and banishing the
right education the youth deserves? As it remarks on the book, “a broad-based
government that includes all the major groups and actors, adequately
represented and with sufficient guarantees of local autonomy is probably the
only solution to Afghanistan’s crisis (Goodson 181).The solution this books
presents against the Taliban crisis is with the help of self-governance to gain
its independence. Also with the help of the US taking a leading taking active
and leading role in securing a settlement in Afghanistan would help to be safe
from the Taliban. If they do that then this would stop the supplies of weapons
and war materials from outside the country. I believe this is a rational idea
because the Afghanistan government can’t fight the Taliban by themselves. Thus
with the help of the US military they have a better chance to best the Taliban
and be free of them.

The solutions presented
in these situations could actually be helpful to keep the people safe. I have
learned that the Taliban and the movement is not peaceful or ideal and under no
circumstances and they should not be tolerated in the society.  My personal evaluation is that the US should
step up like as it mentioned in one of the source. Both the people and the
government are helpless in this situation. They only way they could survive is
with the help of the US. They could also stand up against the Taliban rather
than giving up to the fear. The Taliban is driven is by the fear of people. If
the people stated to show no fear for the Taliban, that could also help them
bring on step closer to Taliban free society.


They are everything I
stand against. I respect the Islam religion and the Quran. The way the Taliban
rule is not by the holy book. They are extremely dangerous and I learned that
they’ll do anything to enforce their own values and slap it on to the innocent
people. The way they operate and how they just bombed these people just breaks
my heart. It’s painful for me to hear about it, talk about it and even writing
this essay about it. Even if I close my eyes that won’t make this issue untrue.
 That’s why I felt the need to choose
this as my topic and make myself aware of this issue. I’m strongly defending
against the Taliban and their actions. I just hope everyone else can do the
same in order to gain their freedom and peace back.


In conclusion I
personally believe the Taliban should be eradicated. I know it may sound harsh
but it has to be done for the greater good. I never want to hear stories about
a girl shot in her because she fought for her education or innocents getting
blasted by bombs. The Taliban movement only brings fear and sorrow to our
society.  Nobody can claim power over others
or make they follow their ideologies.  Like
Malala remarked, “How will you accept Islam if I put a gun to your head and say
Islam is the true religion?”(149).This is the Taliban way of prosecuting their
beliefs and us Individuals should not surrender to such act of violence.
Besides “Allah” created us all equal and we shall not kneel towards anybody
else and be afraid of anybody.



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