Nicholas way. Although Carr finds the web

Nicholas Carr is a gifted,
well-respected writer who has composed many articles for the New York Times,
The Wall Street Journal, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. In his
article “Is Google Makin g Us Stupid” he attempts to write about the way
information presented on the Internet has negatively changed our state of mind.
He addresses the change as it is a direct result of all the time he spent on
the web. Carr also mentions a well-done study done by researchers at the
University College London in which the experiment group were observed to only
skim through articles moving from one topic to another, never coming back. I
express similar concerns Carr points out in the Atlantic article. Some of my
worries are about what sources, and technologies our children are using to
generate knowledge that helps them think and comprehend what they read or
write. I believe that utilization of not just the web but as well as new
devices like smart phones, tablets, and such has affected the way that
individuals retain data in a negative way.

Although Carr finds the web very valuable, he notes
that it’s badly affecting his focus: “Once I was a scuba diver in the sea
of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.” He is
referring to the speed-reading technique that some people use to read things on
the web. It is a good essential way to help extract information although, it
does not help us comprehend what you are reading. Why are we skimming? I
believe it’s because we are too lazy to commit to reading; We’re skimming to
discover critical data although we bounce from page to page rarely returning to
any source we already visited. This makes us lack storing information in our
long-term memory and only stores information we gather in our short-term memory
that only processes information in and out of our brain and lasts for about
30sec. Carr says that he does read more because of the web but he notes
“our ability to interpret text, to make the rich mental connections that
form when we read deeply and without distraction, remains largely disengaged’. Several
studies recommend that reading and writing on paper rather than an electronic
device helps boost memory retention. In 2013, Pam Mueller and Daniel
Oppenheimer conducted a study and concluded that students that write notes
using paper and pencil required heavy mental lifting forcing student to
memorize and understand better than the students that used laptops and tablets.
for going into numerous books and printed articles and exploring, will enable
you to better comprehend what you read and write. Research also recommends that
reading from a book is not quite the same as reading from an electronic device.
You will retain when reading from a book, since your brain directs the data to
their position inside the book and the page. Your hands help in this procedure,
holding the book helps show how far along you are in your reading. As
per Carr, “The web has been a godsend” considering the fact that it
is so much easier to find information now. In the old days you were required to
put effort to find the information you need. You had to search and pursue
writings through texts and books. Now with the assistance of google, it is as
simple as writing something into the search bar. The use of the search engine
made people too lazy to read relevant information. It does not require much
brainpower to browse the web, and we don’t need to think to such an extent.
Only a couple of taps on the on any device and you have information. We don’t
need to utilize our brains to process whether it is relevant information, or
regardless of the possibility that it is reputable or not. We don’t need to
memorize or write anything. Simply surf the web again, and there it is. We also
have the option to bookmark it, or just look it up again in the history of our
previous searches.

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I agree with Carrs point of view regarding how google
negatively affected us, but I also believe the impact of technology and the
general use of the internet on our social, mental, physical and environmental
health can be devastating if we don’t learn how to control it. We must be aware
of the harmful aspects that the internet, and technology has brought to the
table. Privacy is one of the major issues that we face in the internet world,
with a few clicks of your keyboard you can have anyone’s address and contact
information. Not to long Equifax a credit reporting agency that holds consumer
financial information had a system breach that exposed over 143 million
American consumers personal records. These hackers accessed individual’s names,
social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and stole over 209,000 credit
card information. On the other side of having no privacy, some people use
social media site to deceive others by creating false profiles to fake
personalities, and pretend to be whomever they want. Your loved one could be
talking to someone on the most wanted list and not realize it. Social media is
running our minds, it’s no doubt that social media is a having profound impact
on not just our lives but our brains as well. A study by two German
universities did an experiment on negative impact of social media and how it
effects the brain. They did a survey and found out that one out of three people
felt lonely, frustrated, or angry after using Facebook due to comparing their
lives with other people. Standford University also ran studies and found that
social media is also affecting our ability to multitask. More seriously, social
media is becoming one of the fastest growing addictions in the world. The web
can take many forms of addiction cyber-sex addiction, porn addiction, and
online gaming addiction which can lead to lack of social bonds. Our youth are
isolating themselves from the real world to form only a bond with technology;
no more face to face interaction. This could lead to lack of sports and
exercising which could hurt their health tremendously, and could also increase
the rate of obesity. The more time they are spending behind the computers, or
gaming consoles talking to friends online and watch all sorts of videos, they
are spending less time becoming more productive.

People are blinded by the positive effects of technology,
but they are not looking at the push backs and downsides that it gives.
Although modern technology does make our lives easier but easy is not always
healthy, it may destroy good values regarding social communication. People
should interact with each other by meeting to develop a better bond with one
another. To sum it all up we must learn how to condition the way we use modern
technology to attain knowledge and help us nourish our brain to become wiser.
We should take control of technology before it takes control of us; to do that
we should set specific guild lines in our house hold of how and when to use it.
Its time to take control of technology and our lives so we can fill and unlock
the amazing keys in realities that we once had.


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