My was able to identify to the


 My interest to pursue a
career in School Psychology started with an Educational Psychology course I
enrolled in. The course helped me understand the various learning, emotional,
and cognitive obstacles that students in special education may face.

Furthermore, it explained the methods that an educator may utilize to help
students that receive special education services.  Provided that information I wish to pursue a
Master’s in Science with an emphasis in School Psychology, so that I can
enhance the mental health and education of children and adolescents.

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To assess my aspiration to become a school psychologist I completed
an internship at Montebello Gardens Elementary School. There I worked with a student
who was an English Language Learner who had behavioral issues in the classroom
as well during recreational time.  I
assisted the student with classwork, and redirected his behavior whenever he was
disruptive in the classroom and during recess. I was able to identify to the
student what behaviors were inappropriate in the classroom, and tried to
replaced them by reinforcing proper responses. Moreover, through this
experience I understood the positive social and educational environment that I
provided for this student. I strengthened my understanding of educational
equity versus educational equality. Distributing equal services is not
enough because some students may require more than others, and thus provided
the student with the resources and opportunities that were necessary in him
succeeding academically and emotionally.

Currently, I am working as an instructional aide for California
High School. I work with a ninth-grade student with autism. My job is to
monitor and regulate the student’s behavior in social situations while
simultaneously provide him with situations where he can become independent to
socialize with his peers. I often offer guidance to the student whenever he
is in a situation that he is unsure of. 
In one particular situation, I persuaded the student to join a video
game club during his lunch. He would not socialize with his peers during this
time, and was hesitant to join the club. Persuasion was not simple, we had to
take small steps. Now videogame club is something he looks forward to during
lunch time. In addition, I assure the student of his capabilities to adapt to
routine changes or stressful situations. In short, my job working with this
student is to guide him to attain skills that will lead him to reach self-awareness
to that he can become self-sufficient for lifelong learning.

As a double major in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies I have
a strong background in not only applied research and understanding behavior but
also in being perceptive to cultural diversity in education.  As an individual working in an academic
setting, I have a strong conviction for educators to understand that students
will have different economical, racial, and social backgrounds. This is
extremely important because it is my belief that school psychologists, and
other educators need to pursue awareness of diversity to ensure effective and
competent services. My ideologies extend to not only assist and educate
students, but to also inform their communities about special education
services. At the high school that I currently work in I have heard teachers
speaking about students with autism as “autistic students” in their classrooms;
this way of describing students with a disability is an example of how
sometimes not even the educational community is knowledgeable of People-first Language
which is used to put the individual first rather than allow the disability
define the individual. There is a great deal of negative stigma for
individuals with disabilities in the public sphere, and informing more
specifically urban communities about special educational services can
restructure public opinion, which in turn can help children and youth.  My educational philosophy requests support from
educators, staff, families, and friends because they can help aide the academic
and social development of children and youth with disabilities. I am certain
that a collective effort from the community can improve students with
disabilities retain attributes needed for real world applications.  


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