My a strong passion for becoming a

My objective for undergraduate studies is to achieve a
degree in engineering. I am determined to study at one of the best universities
in Scotland. I have developed a strong passion for becoming a graduate and
pursuing research in the future. To gain knowledge, I have gone great lengths to
a use a suitable approach to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at
hand. I believe that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability and
preparation set out on this exhilarating and onerous path and to make
significant achievements in the field of engineering. In this ever-changing
world of Engineering and Technology. I want to attain the highest level of
education and transcend a new scope for research in Engineering. This has
always fascinated me, and I am keen to continue my academic pursuit in this

I would like to mention that one of the core reasons for my
inclination towards this field was the atmosphere at home. My dad is an IT
Professional working for various large organizations for the past 15 years.
This gave me extensive support as he taught me the foundational aspects of
Computer Science and introduced me to many of the fields associated with
computing. A new day meant a new topic and the never-ending nature and
virtually unlimited applications of the subject left me speechless. Right from
my school days I found myself fascinated by the intricacies of Mathematics and
Physics. Problem-Solving has been one of my strength, the thought process that
goes along with it, pointed out by some of my teachers. I have always felt a
strong need for achievement, which has been the primary reason behind whatever
I have achieved in my academic career. Being a prospective student for new
challenging ideas, I believe that an opportunity for University education would
be a unique occurrence to test and prove my capabilities, I would like to add
here that my parents and teachers have always been a source of inspiration to
me. They have set me personal examples and ideals for me follow. Because of
this, I believe that over the years, I have evolved into a person who can work
well with others. However I and am capable of independent work, should the circumstances

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I consistently secured one of the top positions in my class
throughout my education. My passion for academics provided me with the fruitful
results. Selection for the O levels programme is one of the scholastic
achievements that clearly demonstrate my diligence and dedication for
studies.  I have many interests outside
of studies such as being a member of a Table Tennis club, I have participated
in many voluntary programmes such as the “Clean and Green”,
initiative and personal charity works. Another success I would like to mention
would be the move to Edinburgh. Transitioning into a new environment, making
friends and acquaintances and settling in to the new environment would also
classify, to me, as a strength and can be used in the future for problems and

Through discussions with my teachers I realized that Higher
Education can provide me opportunities to gain cutting edge knowledge. I do
believe that I have what it takes to be a good student and with my passion,
perseverance, sincerity, and thirst for knowledge, I shall have significant
achievement for the programme. It would be a great honour for me if you
consider my application for Bachelors in Engineering.

I would like to conclude with the reasons for my choosing to
apply to your esteemed university for my bachelor’s degree. After having gone
through the details of the facilities available at your university, I feel that
they are very much catering to the fields of interest and it is the right place
to embark upon my academic career.