My technology and its role in our

My interest in the field of communication and
information technology bloomed when I visited a local radio station during my
high school. I was fascinated by the way my science teacher Dandushri
Pilavullakandi explained how the networks and satellites work for sending
signals and data for transmission. This made me realize the importance of
technology and its role in our daily lives.

I completed my schooling from St.Montfort High School
which is one of the top schools in my town. Subjects like physics and computer
science were my key interest, as they helped me understand the basic
foundational concepts of technology. I performed well academically scoring 82%
and earned an admission into the electronics department of B.S. Abdur Rahman
Crescent University, Chennai, India.

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The modules of my undergraduate degree introduced me
to the core subjects such as Computer Networks, Network Analysis and Synthesis,
Computer Architecture, etc. in addition to syllabus I gained introductory
knowledge on Security and Ethical Hacking from my department senior. I got
really excited when he shared few of his codes. After that I started learning
myself about the basics of security and vulnerabilities by reading various
forums and learned about freeware tools like Burp Suite, Fiddler, etc. The
wide, multifaceted span and instrumental role of information security in our
daily lives motivated me to contest in bug bounty during leisure time.

As a part of my curriculum, I did a project titled
“Virtual Private Network implementation”. It included a demonstration on internet
privacy and data protection. The project received positive reception from my
department faculties. My final-year project was on Near Field Communication
using Arduino to establish a peer-to-peer (P2P) network for exchanging data. In
addition, I was also the executive member of IEEE student branch at my
university during the academic year 2011–2013. It was during this tenure that I
acquired enough confidence and inspiration to fulfill responsibilities my
family had on me. I secured first class in academics and along with my interpersonal
skills helped me land a job at a risk and consulting firm, named Aon Hewitt
during final year. After training, I was mapped into QA (Quality Assurance)
testing team.

At Aon, I volunteered for a meet-up event called
AON-Ithon to follow my hacking craze; the monthly event was conducted by the
information security team. Here, I exhibited my basic security knowledge and
interest which I gained, back university days. This was promptly appreciated by
a security lead, and I was offered a chance to move to my desired domain
(information security) based on the internal company change policy. It is then
my role as a security analyst began for clients like BNY Mellon and Best Buy. I
gained real-time knowledge on live projects and completed my certification on
“Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)”. During weekends, I attend local conferences
held in the city to keep myself updated with the latest developments in the

My education provided me the base to become a
successful software professional, and I was exposed to various streams in the
IT industry. Working as a security analyst for almost 2 years, I am ready to
move toward the next phase of life by pursuing a master’s degree.

Being born into I believe a master’s degree will help
me grow individually in the security areas where I have limited knowledge, as a
graduate school attracts groups of like-minded people with similar interests in
specific areas, and it is a perfect place to connect with faculty, peers and
alumni to acquire additional knowledge, insight, and diversity of opinion.

After perusing through many university websites in
Canada, I feel that the program offered at your consortium accommodates my
career needs the best. Studying in a richly diverse environment such as Canada
will enable me to become a truly global citizen. Moreover, it will be a
cross-cultural experience with an assortment of global exposure for a student
like me who comes from a small town in South India. The beautiful campus,
outstanding faculty, and wonderful state of Quebec itself are the factors that
have influenced my decision to pursue MEng in Canada.

The MEng program in Concordia will be an opportunity
to work under the supervision of adept professors and compete with
international students from all around the globe, which will prepare me to meet
the challenges in the real world. Your program’s unique internship assignment
will further hone my skills and enable me to channel the knowledge gained from
the university experience toward the successful completion of the degree.

On completion of my graduate studies, I set my sight
on utilizing my expertise into presenting international conferences in
information security and to become
an individual security researcher. I aim to establish best practices and
oversee enterprises from its conception to completion. My definite and long-term
goal is to make optimum use of my global experiences to start a training
institute in my native town. I would consider myself extremely fortunate to get
an opportunity to study at your university and will do utmost justice to my admission.