MY lab was just for printing notices. I



I have always been thrilled to
involve technology in my daily-activities. Back in the school days, I used to
write my pocket money expenditures in a word file. I felt elated making soft
copies of all my syllabus and time-table. Printing and sticking important
formulae/notes in front of my study-desk was an altogether different feeling. During
my summer break after high school I decided to help my mother in managing her
primary school. The school office work was still handwritten in registers
taking hours and hours, while the computer lab was just for printing notices. I
along with a fellow teacher moved all data from registers to word and excel
files. I always felt that computer helped a great deal in ease of doing
business for low budget businesses.

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This whole fascination towards computer
technology pushed me in taking up computer science and engineering. I enjoyed
learning various programming languages such as Java , C, C++. Writing small
code snippets was very interesting. I also found statistical mathematics very
alluring. Getting to know that how meaningful information can be derived from a
raw set of data was engaging.

With the advent of smartphones,
I was always curious to know minute details of software technologies being used
in mobile phones. I took up “Mobile Computing” as an elective. I learned a
great deal about different operating systems used in mobiles. In my sixth
semester, I learned how to connect databases in Java and use it to display and
retrieve data. With this limited knowledge, I made a mini project which stored
student details in a database and displayed it in grid.

In my seventh semester I took
“Information Storage and Management Techniques” as an elective. I learned a
great deal about information storage, virtualization and cloud computing. Also
learned different business continuity terminologies, planning and solutions.

I worked for eleven months in
Vertex Infra(a startup) as an Associate Developer. I worked here on developing
& maintaining client database on DB2 server and other java based
applications. I am currently working in Tech Mahindra ( Fortune 500 MNC) as a
Software Engineer for twenty months now . I worked with the java team in
developing self-registration modules. Creating login forms and linking it to
database is absorbing. I also worked closely with the project management team
in supporting business analysts. It involved understanding the user needs and
ensuring timely delivery of the modules. Consequently, working in both the
teams gave me an exposure of both business requirements and technological
challenges faced while delivering those requirements.

This made me realize that there
is a lot to learn in this field. Having said that, I strongly feel that an MS
in BAIS will give me a deeper understanding of both information technology and
management. The information and experience gained in working in an IT company
will prove as a strong foundation for the masters. And in future, the MS from
Muma College of Business shall prove to be the ideal final step in positioning
me into leadership roles in the IT industry.

While in the, my final
year project was “Home Security System” using Raspberry Pi and Twitter. I demonstrated
that how a camera installed near the door captures the image of the person and
raspberry pi helps in tweeting the image. As a student, I have participated in
various events in the cultural festival and was proud to have served as the
‘Head’ of the team which was supervising online multiplayer games. I organized
blood donation campaigns for two years consecutively. This campaign was a huge
success and lauded by the college officials.

I am absolutely exhilarated by
the idea of studying at USF on account of its amazing program in business. I
find the curriculum very well planned and the concentration in “Analytics &
Business Intelligence” is an icing on the cake. I am well aware that the road
ahead is difficult but I am sure of treading this path with diligence.


Yadullah Haider

Fall 2018.



I'm Isaac!

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