Music with severe pain, forget the pain

Music an art that can express your feelings
and your emotions in a beautiful form. If you want to look at the civilization
of a society, look at its arts and music. Music is found only to attract people
and move them from the worlds of inertia and sadness to the realms of
flexibility, ease, and compassion. Art and music courses are not very important
in education. Courses dealing with artistic and musical culture are nothing but
necessary in our educational curricula. They have a profound impact on the
refinement of souls, the attunement of creativity and the spirit of tolerance
and creativity among all human beings. Music is the only language that
expresses a high expression that crosses all continents, penetrating all
distances, nations, and cultures. The more meanings, the narrower the symbols
and buildings, the language no matter how broadened its definitions and
different roots and structures, they do not meet the desired purpose and do not
reach you to the meaning intended to express what is confused in yourself.
Therefore, people resort to other symbols to show their chests, and the hearts,
such as sculpture, painting, and music. In my opinion, Saudi schools should
allow music classes because music reduces stress, music help students express
themselves, and music make people more creative.


Music is no longer just entertainment but a part of the culture of
society and a pillar of modern civilization. It is an essential aspect of a
student’s life in school, part of the life of the home and an indispensable
part of public life. The music is necessary for the human being in the case of
reading and study, and there is no absence of a session or place of the
presence of music in it in some form, and there have been many benefits of
music, and what can provide in various areas. The latest what we hear about the
music contributes to the growth and development of the child’s brain, can music
make a child smarter? The Arab scientist, Abu Bakr al-Razi, reached the
benefits of music about a thousand years ago. Noting that some patients with
severe pain, forget the pain and calm when hearing the melodies and songs of
the singer, Have the effect of relieving pain, and in the healing of certain
diseases, after several experiments have proven that beautiful music has a
decisive impact on the healing of some of these disorders and has relied upon
as a method of medical treatment methods.

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Music can influence you to feel any feeling whether it’s cheerful or
miserable. It can likewise elevate your mindset. Music: instrumental sounds
consolidated to create excellence of shape, Concordance, or a statement of
feeling. How would we utilize Music to Convey? How is music ready to influence
your life? Music can change your life from numerous points of view one way is
if your experiencing a hard time in life there is dependably a melody you can
tune in to that relates to your present circumstance. music is as yet an outlet
to express your feelings. Music will dependably be there. Music can likewise
affect you in another way with regards to your mind. Music can animate
brainwaves, deliver significant unwinding, mitigate pressure, recuperate the
body or increment your capacity to learn. Music and sound has been utilized
since the get-go to advance Individual Wellbeing, Self-development, and


         Classical music is the typical
music of any culture and any people. Through time and public conviction,
peoples classify their artistic works as traditional when their beauty and
splendor are suitable for all times. How can they contribute to the revival of
the creative sense He notes that listening to exciting music during work may
stimulate a different way of thinking related to innovation and problem-solving. Classical music, which is both confident and dynamic, is likely
to encourage creative thinking. Innovation is one of the essential skills
required to deal with a world that is changing faster than ever. Knowing how to
acquire this vital power is becoming more necessary.


        The society’s view
of music is still limited, but we emphasize that this picture has changed for
us, as we believe that music is a necessary material. The importance of adding
music to the primary stage curriculum should be considered and taught to
students, especially children in the first grades, to develop their talents and
desires, to entertain themselves and to dispel the repression resulting from
the receipt of rigid conservation and scientific materials.


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