Motor power into mechanical power. It can be

is a machine that convert electrical power into mechanical power. It can be
divided into two, AC and DC motor. In AC motor it further develops into single
and three-phase motors and this is generated based on its type of input.
Synchronous and induction motor are two of the most common three-phase motor.
Among these, three-phase induction motor is the most common used motor.

          The history of induction motor walk
down a long journey. It becoming one of the most important inventions in modern
history. Not only it kick started the industrial revolution but it also change
the whole perspective about long distance distribution of electricity hence
improving energy generation efficiency (TIBI PUIU, 2017). It started off in
early 80’s when Nikola Tesla build his first induction motor. Tesla reinventing
Ferraris’s two-phase induction motor and saw it run. He sailed for America in
1884 and arrived at New York. After doing much job he finally employed by
Thomas Edison. Edison and his investors didn’t really interest in Tesla’s idea
about alternating current forcing him to left. He then partnered up with George
Westinghouse who see the potential of his idea and buys the pattern. However,
Tesla still failed in identifying the three-phase voltage system and after
numerous experiment he failed to build a reliable induction motor leaving Westinghouse
to shut down all development of induction motors.

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In 1889, Dolivo-Dobrovolsky built a machine
proving that reliable three phase induction motors were not a fantasy. Michael
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, chief electrician at AEG company, rebuild based on Tesla
and Ferraris idea. He further improves it by designing three-phase cage
induction motor and the motor manage to run. Westinghouse start its operation
again and success without any Tesla involvement. Then the development continues
until late 80’s, generation of three-phase generator by Jonas Wenstrom. 


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