More impact on teens.One reason that social

More than 10,000 teens alone have commited suicide over social media. Is social media bad for teens or does social media help teens live their life more peacefully? Social media has a bad impact on teens.One reason that social media could be bad for teens is that cyber bullying could occur. According to Brian Jung from the article “The Negative Effect of Social Media”, “Kids especially are vulnerable to the practice of cyberbullying” (Jung 1). This shows that kids or teens that use social media often are usually more vulnerable to the risk of being bullied by other people on social media. Also, Cyberbullying could cause many problems to your children or friends including depression or thoughts of suicide and much more. Social media could danger your children, your friends or even you. Teens that use social media often may have a risk to be cyberbullied. Some people may say social media helps teens go through life or make it easier to get through hard times; however, a lot of the times it could make teens feel less so. About 42% of those who use social media have been cyberbullied before. The second piece of evidence that social media could be bad for teens is that they could isolate themselves from their family and friends. In the article “Technologies Negative Impact on Teens” by Ashley Mitchell, “kids are beginning to isolate themselves from friends and family” (Mitchell 1). Kids could spend time with friends or family but instead, some choose to spend most of their day scrolling down social media apps/websites. Also, teens that are on their phones looking at pictures on social media could miss dinner or not eat at all. Social media can cause your children or friends to not eat and/or not be with family and friends. A third and final reason for social media being bad for teens is that is could have them fail in school. From the article “Technologies Negative Impact on Teens”, “the teen texting language is limiting teens vocabulary and written communication skills” (Mitchell 1). Teens sometimes use texting shortcuts like LOL, BRB, etc. In their school work (Not in proper English grammar). Teens also use their phones in class and/or driving. this could cause a lower grade. Social media could halt your child’s life or your learning. Social media has a gloomy outcome on teens. Social media is filled with cyberbullies. If you use social media you are opening yourself up to cyberbullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, or failure in school.