More technological change has led to a

More than ever
computers increasingly become indispensable in
education and industry. The rapid growth
of technological change has led to a series of studies that have been made to
give students the opportunity to explore different technology-related
activities. Using a computer is a big thing in our day-to-day work as we do,
and in our studies we’ve made things easier to do but with the help of computer
we have fastened our day’s day activities.

Therefore, the use
of technology should be controlled, monitored and guided. Incidences of both computer
security violations and misuse are recurring at an alarming rate where security
violations run the gamut from denial of service and viral attacks to information
do not care that there are many positive things but there is also a negative
impact. Currently one of the most discussed issues is Computer Security and Computer
Ethics Awareness: A Component of Management Information System. University
Technology Malaysia is conducting a survey with which they conduct a survey of
245 university student users of the College of Science and Technology (CST) and
they discovered analysing data the number of students aware of computer
security and computer ethics than non-majors. This means that universities may
be even more prone to security violations.

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What is computer
security? Computer security is about a person’s computer data is stored in
store for access that is trying to steal by an intruder. As time goes by, they
are concerned with security threats for example phishing where the user’s
sensitive data is retrieved, and there are many different ways in which the
security of a computer is owned by someone else.

has made a ranking of countries often treated or victimized by cyber attackers.
But technology has developed software security such as anti-virus and data
security software, firewalls, fault-tolerant and high availability computing
technology, and programmed procedures that promote computer security. The Anti-virus
is designed to protect computer data, it can terminate the virus from the
infected area of ??the computer. There are lots of way to secure and remove the
malware in our computer hence there are no enough technique to guarantee our
computer is in secure.  There are procedure
to make as defence to our computer to make it crucial to hack First Install a Firewall
it acts as a barrier between a trusted network
and untrusted network, Install Antivirus Software there are numerous
antivirus software that can be downloaded for free then  Install Anti-Spyware Software last Use
Complex and Secure Password


The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics


1.      Thou shalt
not use a computer to harm other people.

Ø  This is the
essence for computer ethics.

2.      Thou shalt
not interfere with other people’s computer work.

Ø  Copying the ideas of others is not only prohibited but highly
unethical as well. 

3.      Thou not
snoop around in other people’s computer files.

Ø  Don’t go
looking through other people’s computer files unless given permission.

4.      Thou shalt
not use a computer to steal.

Ø  Stealing someone data through the use of computer is illegal

 Thou shalt not use a computer to
bear false witness.

Ø  Don’t snoop on network connections and read someone’s email,
passwords, files, databases, etc.

5.       Thou shalt not copy or use proprietary
software for which you have not paid.

Ø  Once you
buy a software system, music CD or DVD you should not make copies of that
information and distribute it to your friends.

6.       Thou shalt not use other people’s computer
resources without authorization or proper compensation.

Ø  Example do
not surf the internet or print off large amounts of paper for personal use
during work hours.

7.       Thou shalt not appropriate other people’s

Ø  Don’t
upload information and take credit for it such as music, images and text that
you don’t owned.

8.       Thou shalt think about the social consequences
of the program you are writing or the system you are designing.

9.      Thou shalt
use a computer in ways that ensure consideration and respect for your fellow

10.  Things that you do ‘online’ can have real effects in your
‘offline’ life as well.


Commandments of Computer Ethics” are the guides for the do’s and don’ts using a
computer. Ten Commandments are composed of responsibility basely on
faithfulness and accountability, ownership that has the right to use, who owned
it, access and personal privacy mainly in who information belong it.


What is
Computer ethics? Computer ethics mostly define as the study of impact of
computer technology to the society. It is a rule for the ethical or right manner
in using technology most especially in values of privacy and security. Ethical
computer systems are achieving recognition.


By building
a strong base in terms of computer security and computer ethics awareness have
a secure management information system. Organize workshops or training on
computer security and computer ethics for students and all university computer
users including academic staff and administration staff.


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