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Monthly Reading Project Name: IsisMonth: NovemberPeriod: 1Title of book: Eragon Author:  Christopher PaoliniTotal pages: 509Elements of FictionSettingTime: The book seems to record time in a different way, being in a magical world, but the books begins in winter. Because there are still settlers and there is no technology, I think that in comparison to our time, Alagaesia is in the past. This timeline could take place on earth, in a time close to the dark ages, but this is unlikely.Place: The story takes place in a mythical realm called Alagaesia. Eragon originally lives in a small town of Carvahall, hunting in the woods of the Spine, but most of the book is about Eragon on the run. Traveling through different woods, villages, town, and desserts, ending up in the underground community of Varden.CharactersProtagonist: Eragon, a young rider. The 16 year old small town boy goes on journeys to save other, escape capture and death, and to hunt down the King.Antagonist: King Galbatorix, the cruel ruler of Alagaesia, who is hunting down Eragon by sending soldiers of the Empire, Urgals, and Shades after him.Supporting Characters: Saphira- a sapphire blue dragon. Saphira joins Eragon on his journey, providing wisdom and flight for his travels. Being Eragon’s dragon, Saphira fights with Eragon through his battles and his adventures. Brom- Brom was an old man of many secrets, and a rider whose dragon has died. He was Eragon’s first mentor, like a father and a friend, helping Eragon through his travels until Brom’s end.Arya- Arya was an elf who protected Saphira’s egg. She was rescued from Durza the shades prison from Eragon, and one of Eragon’s main quests of his travels was to get the unconscious Arya to Varden.Murah- Murah was Eragon’s partner in travel when Brom died. He journeyed with him with him to Varden, though he too had a secret of his own.Durza- Durza was a shade(A Shade was a magic user and Sorcerer possessed by a spirit or spirits, thus becoming a new creature) who was sent by the King to hunt Eragon.ConflictType of conflict:          Person vs. PersonDescribe the Conflict:Although Eragon has many fights with Urgals, Shades, and soldiers, all are sent by King Galbatorix. King Galbatorix is hunting Eragon, and Eragon is hunting the King. King Galbatorix doesn’t want there to be a rider that is not in his control, and Eragon is out for revenge, for both his uncle and for the people of Alagaesia.Rising ActionA small stone appears near Eragon, exploding behind him.The stone is dark blue with white veins and well polished-beautiful, but unknown of what it is.6.Brom and Eragon are unexpectedly ambushed by Urgals.They are rescued by Murah, but in the process, Brom is killed, taking a knife for Eragon.Eragon and Murah then flee, pursued by Urgals.2.The stone cracks open in the night to become a baby dragon.The dragon, Saphira can speak to Eragon, making Eragon a rider.Eragon keeps this a secret in fear the King will harm him or his family if Eragon does not kill for the King.7.To protect Murah, Eragon is captured by the Urgals and is sent to a prison of the King’sEragon escapes and battles with Durza, the shade.This is the same prison that Arya was held in, and when Murah rescues Eragon, they rescue the elf as well.3.Word about Eragon having a dragon spreads, and soldiers of the Empire tortured, and almost killed, Eragon’s uncle. Eragon leaves with his dragon and Brom, who found out of Saphira and they leave the small village Eragon grew up in.8. When traveling to Varden, because they need a cure for Arya, Murah tells Eragon why he doesn’t want to go.He was the son of Morzan, a cruel man who betrayed Brom and who worked for King Galbatorix.Murah had to go though, for they were being chased by Urgals and could not turn back.4.Traveling across the desert, Brom and Eragon come upon a town of people that have all been slaughtered.They have been killed by Urgals, an evil race of Alagaesia. 9.Eragon and Murah are brought into Varden, and, after being tested, are given places to sleep.Arya awakens, and Eragon trains.5.To try to hunt down the King, Eragon and Brom go to a merchant town to trace where the poison that the King uses for torturing is used.At this town, Eragon finds out that there are a few secrets of Brom that Eragon does not know of.10.A warning comes that there are urgals and powerful alliances of the King coming through the tunnels of varden.A fight between the empire and Varden begins.ClimaxThe climax of the book is Eragon’s fight with Durza. The shade had great skill and power, and Eragon was no match for him, looking at the fact that a shade can only be killed with a blow to the heart.. Not only that, but he was trapped from everyone else, including his dragon, so Eragon had no help. Although most of their fight was of combat, the final strength was of magic. To find out where Saphira was, Durza tried taking control of Eragon’s mind, but Eragon overpowered him. But, when he got into Durza’s mind, Eragon was overwhelmed with memories of hardships of Durza’s-everything that made him into the monster he became. Eragon received a blow to the back from Durza, when Saphira appeared with Arya on her back. With this distraction, Eragon managed to kill Durza, stabbing him in the heart, but then blacked out.ResolutionEragon battles with Durza’s memories until he wakes up in a medical room. He has a scar on his back from Durza that will never heal, but he learns that the Urgals retreated when they learned of the death of Durza. Eragon also learns that Arya and Saphira rescues Eragon and brings him to healers. He is considered a hero by everyone of Varden, and the story ends with him remembering a figure in his dreams- a figure named Togira Ikonoka- and him promising to come find him.ThemeThere are many themes of every book, and there are many themes of Eragon. I think that the main three are coming of age, fate, and friendship. Coming of age is a theme because this book shows the change that Eragon’s experiences bring as he goes on his adventures. Before he found the egg, it seemed that Eragon’s life would be in the little town he grew up in, never knowing what lay out of it.  Through the book, Eragon creates more bonds and learn more about the people and world around him. The next main theme is fate. Through the book, Eragon struggles with his fate and what it may bring him. Many around him learn of their fate, but Eragon struggles the most with it. He is told of a long life, of a death of someone close, of a betrayal from family, and leaving of his home. He is also told of the responsibility of his fate- he is one of the few to have multiple paths to chose from. Eragon struggles with this, when those around him believe in letting your fate be decided for you. The main theme of the book is friendship. Through the book, Saphira and Eragon form an important bond. Not only that, but Eragon also creates important alliances and friendships with those around him. You can see him develop through this friendship throughout the book, starting as a lonely small town boy and ending in a whole different community.Book Recommendation:Write an honest review of this book. Would you recommend this book to others? What makes this book so good? If you didn’t like it, why not? Your response should be well thought out and persuasive, using strong vocabulary. I had first rebuffed reading the book, surmising that I would not like it, as I don’t usually like fantasy books. But, everyone who has suggested Eragon to me have been very avid about this book, and so I decided to read the book. Eragon was a very good book, and I highly recommend it. I do recommend that you are over 10 when you read it though, not because of inappropriate content, but because this book, in no way, is concise or done in a cursory manner. Also the book is very violent, some of the scenes is Eragon being pretty gruesome. The book is full of descriptive words and detail, and can be hard to understand or to continue reading. The storyline was well created, the book being hard to put down. The book was relatable, and you could feel the emotion that Eragon was feeling. The description evoked the pain, sadness, frustration, anxiety, anger, and desires the character felt. The author did a very good job with describing the scenes, simulating a picture in your mind of each setting. In many scenes he was confused withAnother interesting thing is that Christopher Paolini, although now in his thirties, started writing Eragon when he was only 15. Christopher was homeschooled by his parents from a young age, and was ahead of his age when it came to education. This fact gives you another thing to think about when reading this book.Although I enjoyed this book, I did think though this book was a bit cliche. It was similar to many other fantasy and science fiction books, featuring a small town boy who learned he was special and went on adventures while meeting new people, fighting creatures, and going places he had only heard of from legends. It seemed to emulate the story lines from other popular series such as The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Still, the book was very engaging and well written.Another fault of the book is that I felt in some parts got a bit dull, droning on about a scene that I did not feel affected the plot or storyline of the book. For example, in the book when they were trying to track down the King I felt they went in circles or did things that did not make any changes in the adventure, nor did they help the search. But, this also made you realize this is sometimes how adventuring, or how real life is. You go to dead ends, do something that wasn’t worth it for the most part. Most of the book was entertaining though.


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