might addition significantly affecting on costs. Effective crisis

might well be a noteworthy device of dealing with an emergency circumstance in government, association or business. Emergency Correspondence is likewise once in a while considered a sub-claim to fame of the Business Coherence region of present-day business. The point of emergency correspondence in this setting is to help associations to accomplish congruity of basic business procedures and data streams under emergency, debacle or occasion driven conditions. Reacting rapidly, productively, adequately and premeditatedly are the essential targets of a compelling emergency correspondence procedure or potentially arrangement. Harnassing innovation and individuals to guarantee a fast and coordinated reaction to a scope of conceivably devastating situations recognizes a well thoroughly considered and executed arrangement from an inadequately or ill-considered one. The inalienable slack time in marshaling reactions to an emergency can bring about extensive misfortunes to organization incomes, notoriety and in addition significantly affecting on costs.

Effective crisis communication strategies will typically consider achieving most, if not all, of the following objectives:

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· Maintain connectivity

· Be readily accessible to the news media

· Show empathy for the people involved

· Allow distributed access

· Streamline communication processes

· Maintain information security

· Ensure uninterrupted audit trails

· Deliver high volume communications

· Support multi-channel communications

Employee communication Ø

Sharing information with employees, building employer pride, managing employee issues, et cetera. Ø

Manage the Intranet and other internal web portals Ø

Organizational communication Ø

Encourage and enable the employees to plan for new ideas and effectively implement them. Internal communication Ø

Managing corporate publications for employees and partners Ø

Organising internal events for staff Ø

Corporate communication officers Recent research on the corporate communication function reports that corporate communication officers (CCOs) in Global Fortune 500 companies tend to have average tenures of about 4.5 years and that nearly one-half (48 percent) report to the Chief Executive Officer. CCOs say that approximately 42 percent of their job is strategic and 58 percent is tactical. Over the next year, they will be focusing more on social responsibility, social media, and reputation. The research done by Weber Shandwick and Spencer Stuart found distinct differences between CCOs in 


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