Meanwhile • Software Virtualization • Memory Virtualization •

1960 IBM introduced evolving the ?rst virtual machine that allowed one computer
to be shared as if it was several. This is well-established conception by IBM
to virtual physical resources of mainframe systems to achieve improved
utilization of resources. (Manuela K. Ferreira Henrique C. Freitas, August 2008)1 During
that time there a need for multiple users to have access to a computer at the
same time. Meanwhile most applications spend most of the time waiting for data
to be read or written, there was enough compute power for several immediate
applications but memory was insufficient to support a large number of
simultaneous users on a system. It was the time-sharing environment that really
drove the demand to virtualize memory so that, in a sense, the real memory
could be time-shared properly among computer hardware resources and users
applications.(Rogers, February 2017 )2 Organizations
don’t know virtualization
underutilization the computer hardware

Today computer hardware
is designed and architected for hosting multiple operating system and
applications. The principal resolution to this problematic is virtualization.

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Virtualization typically
refers to the creation of virtual machine that can virtualize all of the
hardware resources, including processors, memory, storage, and network
connectivity.  With the virtualization,
physical hardware resources can be shared by one or more virtual machines. (Lee, 2014)3

This can have both
advantages and disadvantages. There are different types of virtualization as
well as the benefits of each:

•           Hardware Virtualization

•           Software Virtualization

•           Memory Virtualization

•           Storage Virtualization

•           Data Virtualization

•           Network Virtualization (Bill, March 12, 2012)4

This paper will focus on
memory virtualization and it impact in the computer hardware. It will study how
memory can be virtualize and analyses the aids of this technology.


2.2  Literature review

chapter reviews previous related work on the subject of the study. Available
literature shows that many researchers have been carried out on various aspects
of memory
virtualization and it impact in the computer hardware. However for the
purpose of this study, the literature will review the general overview of memory
virtualization and it impact in the computer hardware. The memory
virtualization and it impact in the computer hardware is not a new era,
even much improve existing memory virtualization and it impact in the computer
hardware exit as result many literatures exist. The sources of the
reviews include the internet, articles, journals and magazines from various

What is memory Virtualization?

According to Wikipedia in computer science, memory
virtualization divides volatile random access memory (RAM)
resources from individual systems in the data center, and then sums those
resources into a virtualized memory pool available to any computer in the group.
The operating system or applications running on top of the operating system obtains
in the memory pool. The distributed memory pool can then be used as a
high-speed cache, a messaging layer, or a large, shared memory resource for a
CPU or a GPU application. (Wikipedia, 2017)5


main purpose of virtualization is to manage the workload by transforming outmoded
computing to make it more scalable, efficient and economical. Virtualization
can be applied to a wide range such as operating system virtualization,
hardware-level virtualization and server virtualization. Saving and energy,
saving technology and cut down the cost hardware that is rapidly transforming
and the fundamental way of computing in virtualization technology is.  (Bill, March 12, 2012)6

the book (Distributed and Cloud computing…) chapter 3 memory virtualization
was defined as virtual memory virtualization is comparable to the virtual
memory support provided by modern operating systems…


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