Mathematics finance. Studying an AAT in accounting has

Mathematics requires a thorough mind-set of logic and
practicality; this same idea is associated with accounting and finance and must
be fully understood to be able to bring into practice what has been learnt. I
believe that with knowledge in both these subjects, I will be fully motivated
to pursue a career in the world of accounting and finance. This is just one of
the numerous components that captivates me, upon my wish to study accounting
and finance.

Studying an AAT in accounting has also provided me with the
ability to understand numerous concepts and different methods that are used and
has helped me increase my knowledge in this field. I have been able to
understand different concepts and how they need to be addressed and used, thus,
helping me achieve the qualification needed to pursue a career in this field. I
believe that studying this course has given me the confidence and ability to
carry out my own extensive research and work independently.

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I have worked, voluntarily at a family run restaurant for
almost 2 years and have developed my interpersonal skills as well as customer
relations. I was fortunate enough to be given a lot of responsibility when
working there which developed me as a person and gave me the ability to take
tasks on hand and be a team leader. At the end of the week I would help my dad
in the restaurants earnings and would help calculate total earnings, expenses
and profit. A lot of my interest came from this as I enjoyed dealing with money
and being able to work on real life scenarios.

I voluntarily also worked at a local car dealership. Working
here involved many tasks such as customer relations, marketing, advertising and
sales. Working here enabled me to understand how dealerships work and how
vehicles are sold. Whilst working here I had seen that many calculations are
involved in the selling of a vehicle. Working here I mostly gained experience
in customer relations as I was able to assist people in buying the right
vehicle. I believe this will help me in this course as working in accounting
and finance will involve a lot of interaction with customers and having good
experience in that will help provide the best service.

Since the age of seven, 
a major interest of mine is mixed martial arts. I have participated in
many tournaments and with that have come many losses and of course many
triumphant wins. I have learnt to not to crack under pressure and have learnt
how to control it and use it to bring upon success- and how to enjoy the
success which comes afterwards! In addition to this, I have learnt about
commitment and sticking to it till the end and ensuring that I get the best out
of what I am studying and using it to my full potential. The things I have
learned from martial arts will help me throughout my life; not only during
University, but during my career and long afterwards. Other than this, I am
also regularly involved in sport; I play football weekly and participate in
many tournaments throughout the UK.

My principal objective is to become a Chartered Accountant
with this degree. I am hoping this course will equip me with not only an
extensive insight into the accounting world, as well as providing me a wide
scope of choices and connections after my course.