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Marine & Coast Wildlife EndangermentIntroThis essay will be discussing the causes, impacts and solutions of marine ,and coast pollution. Marine and coast pollution is a sizeable problem all over the world, killing several thousand animals every year. Fortunately there are several organizations working towards the cause, such as Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace.How mankind is destroying the marine and coastal ecosystemHumans are the main inflictor of pollution and endangerment of various ecosystems. There are many ways humans are destroying the environment. Pollution and illegal poaching are the two main ways. Pollution affects all environment, however, is especially harmful to the marine and coastal ecosystem. Forms of pollution include: Plastics, Oils & Polystyrene. A Creature such as sea turtles are greatly affected by the pollution of the marine environment. Sea turtle often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and in turn, accidentally consume toxic plastics, this kills several hundreds of sea turtles every year. Poaching is another way mankind is destroying the environment. Every year humans killed approximately 100 million sharks for shark fins and game. This has resulted in a rapid decrease in shark population over the years and according to the website, “Planetsave” sharks could go extinct within the next few decades if something doesn’t change.Source | Oceanic SocietyWhy is the endangerment of the marine ecosystem a problem?The extinction and endangerment of endangered species is a spreading problem throughout our world because of poaching. The marine ecosystem risks becoming unbalanced at the extinction of just a single species, this is because every species is vital in the ecosystem and a species becoming extinct can have a great impact on the balance of animals throughout our world. For instance, if sharks were to go extinct then there would be an increasing population of fish to the point where there would be too many.  Source | LifegateWhat is Sea Shepherd? Sea Shepherd is a nonprofit marine wildlife organization, established in 1977. Sea shepherd helps marine and coastal environment globally, both directly and indirectly. Currently, sea shepherd is working on multiple projects and has completed many throughout the years. A notable project was “Operation Jairo”. Operation Jairo was an operation located in Costa Rica where volunteers were sent to protect turtles. Sea turtles always return to the beach they hatched to lay eggs of their own. In many places there are often poachers waiting to steal the eggs, threatening the development of various species. Source | The Conversation How does Sea Shepherd help?Sea Shepherd has worked on and completed many projects concerning marine and coastal wildlife.  Sea shepherd consists of volunteers and is therefore funded by third parties and donations. These donations then go to gear and ships used to prevent overfishing, whaling and various other problems such as pollution. Sea shepherds effect is almost always direct and involves making contact with the problems. For instance, when preventing whaling they often make direct contact with the captain of the whaling ship and will resort to stopping the problem by force if this does not work. Every year sea shepherd hosts dozens of cleanup all over the worlds in an effort to decrease world pollution. Partakers in sea shepherd cleanups range from people who have dedicated their lives to the cause, to people who just decided they wanted to make a difference and sea shepherd highly recommends that you get involved.How is Sea Shepherd environmentally beneficial?Sea Shepherd is extremely environmentally beneficial because of their huge impact on the marine & coastal ecosystem. For over 30 years sea shepherd claims to have taken up to 4000+ volunteers on several impactful operations benefiting the environment greatly. These operations include The prevention of whaling, sea turtle egg poaching, illegal fishing, shark finning, beach cleanups. Sea Shepherd operations range from costa Rica all the way to Norway, meaning they have benefited ecosystems all around the world, making them one of the most impactful and environmentally beneficial organizations ever. Source | Sea ShepherdHow can schools and other organisations help?There are many ways that ordinary schools and companies can get involved with saving the marine & coast ecosystem. One way is to raise money for the cause by hosting events such as bake sales, grill outs, parties etc. Another, more effective way is to get involved directly by littering less, hosting or participating in clean ups and donating money to the cause or even enrolling in sea shepherd or any other organization promoting the conservation of the marine and coastal ecosystem.  Schools can make a difference in pollution and illegal fishing by reducing the amounts of plastics sold to students. For instance, sea shepherd highly recommended having a plentiful amount of water fountain throughout schools to encourage students to bring water bottles instead of purchasing plastic bottles. Other ways schools can reduce plastic pollution is by making their students aware of the problem, not using plastic utensils and single-use cups. Sea ConclusionIn conclusion, the endangerment of the marine and coastal ecosystem is a vital problem in our world that needs to be solved. Thankfully organizations such as Sea shepherd are helping to decrease the endangerment of several species. Sea Shepherd is an organization which has been very effective in preserving the marine and coastal ecosystem for 40+ years. Sea Shepherd is very environmentally beneficial and encourages all schools to get involved with the preservation of the environment and hopes to bring marine and coastal pollution and poaching down to a minimum in the upcoming decades. Links


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