Manus Manus Island and uphold its once

Island Oral Presentation

Asylum Seekers has been a controversial issue in Australia in the
past few decades, which has recently sparked a lot of debate in the media due
to the Australian Governments’ questionable decisions concerning the management
of the Manus Island Detention Centre. Currently, the decision made by the
Australian Government to permanently close the Manus Island Detention and cut
off the supply of necessities is apathetic and unethical as this approach leaves
over several hundred-innocent people subjected to further horrific living
conditions and violence from locals, which has instilled fear into asylum
seekers. Australia has an obligation to properly address the issues on Manus
Island and uphold its once highly regarded reputation, not endanger the lives
of innocents.

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As Australia holds full
authority of the detention centre, the notion of disregarding the constant
health and wellbeing concerns of Asylum Seekers is immoral and unjust as
refugees suffer as a result Australia’s apathy for its captives. The hideous
living conditions that the asylum seekers must deal with has led to horrific
consequences, “Sudanese Refugee dies after suffering months of black outs,
falls and seizures”, “Iranian asylum seekers takes his own life”, “Sri Lankan
refugee dies in Lorengau hospital”. These tragic incidents constantly appear in
headlines but the Australian Government’s address and solutions to prevent
these issues from reoccurring are nowhere to be seen. Sleeping each night
knowing it could be your last every day for 5 years has certainly in developed
fear within the refugees on Manus Island, which has intensified throughout the
years. These men are more afraid of the violence from the locals than the fact
that they could die from the lack of necessities such as food, water, and
shelter as they refuse to leave the detention centre. And that means something.
It means that Australia’s approach to this issue was handled carelessly with no
thought of the safety and treatment of the asylum seekers.  According to the ICC, the International
Criminal Court, the Australian Government has even decided to completely avoid
the responsibilities as they have “attempted to contract-out the detention
facilities”. It is truly disappointing to acknowledge the fact that Australia’s
lack of care for the lives of hundred has led to Manus Island becoming a nightmare
for its prisoners.




the notion of forcefully driving out the asylum seekers out of the detention
centre further confirms Australia’s unintended intentions, to completely avoid
full responsibility for the physical and psychological damage done to its refugees,
which will tarnish Australia’s human rights records. Through the forceful
removal of the Manus Island asylum seekers, it is evident that Australia has
lost touch with the present situation of the Detention Centre. The Government has
chosen to ignore the catastrophic outcomes of their solution which has been
condemned potentially harmful or dangerous. This is irrational and unethical
and will not only hurt Australia’s reputation but also further exacerbate the
already irreversible damage inflicted on the asylum seekers. After being held accountable
for the physical and psychological damage and being constantly chastised by
international organisations, it is ridiculous to just forget everything and
force the refugees off like nothing happened without a single care for their
current situation.  Australia once held a
highly regarded human’s rights record, receiving praise and commendations for
its actions, however nowadays, Australia has steeped to its lowest it’s ever
been. Being chastised by the same organisations which has previously praised
them. This is due to Australia breaching its human rights obligations.
Approving the inhumane living condition to its captives in the detention
facility and then further going one step further and leaving its detainees with
no food, water, shelter and other services. Simply kicking out the and further
endangering their lives by forcing them back into their dangerous lives they
have attempted to escape further escalates the issue and displays Australia’s
reluctance to accept responsibility for the damage to the refugees. The United Nations Human Rights Committee has called this act by
the Government “Australia’s backward slide on human rights”, after failing to
abide by international human rights law which is to protect men from harm and
ensure they had access to shelter, water, food and sanitation, all services
which are currently not being provided. There is only one reason for the Australian
Government to go forward with its suggestion to force the people out of the
centre, and that is if they couldn’t care less about the refugees.

However, even though the asylum seekers are considered
unlawful non-citizens, they have not committed a malicious criminal act,
therefore the severity of punishment in the treatment of the asylum seekers in
Manus Island by Australia is unjustifiable. It is understandable that entering
Australia without authorisation is illegal, however seeking asylum in another
country is incomparable to a malicious criminal act such as murder. So why are
these people being treated like criminals? The Manus Island Detention Centre and
a Prison is almost alike if not worse, its only difference are its inhabitants.
The asylum seekers are forced to be confined in horrific environments, being
subject to not only unhygienic practices but also verbal abuse, physical abuse
and theft from local communities. It is preposterous to treat a person who is
seeking safety as a person who has caused significant malicious damage. The
intent of the of asylum seekers is to seek refuge and not properly treating
them to the expected international human rights standards is inexcusable, the
punishment received by the refugees may not be intended by Government, but they
were authorised, as they were treated as criminals rather than innocent people
seeking refuge.




Australia is held accountable for the safety of hundred of lives
and completely ignoring the responsibility for it is immoral. The decisions made Australian Government regarding the
management of Manus Island, has left others endangered as well as itself
instead of solving any issues.


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