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Makali hambrightMs. RuehlmannEighth Grade ELA22 December 2017                                     High School dropouts have to stophave you seen the percentage of how many students are dropping out of high school. A lot of students have been dropping out of high school in the past years every year the percentage goes up and the percentage never has been at 50% or lower. high schools have to find ways to stop dropouts because if you don’t find a way the dropouts gonna reach 100% and then it’s all gonna be bad lawsuits may be formed.  many things can happen High school dropouts have become a crisis in the United States that is continuously increasing. There are various reasons as to why students dropout of high school. These reasons range from simple factors having an impact upon why a student drops out to complex reasons as to why a student drops out of high school..Although some people feel that responsibility for decreasing dropouts should be on parents themselves, the responsibility should be placed on the schools. The steps they can take are start later, notice red flags and have different consequences for example School need to start a little later so they will have time  because The students need start later so kids can have time to get settle to focus and also some kids have to catch the bus and that may be there only tranpation to get to school maybe a lot of people are not  morning people u never know so school need to try to start a little later or at least have the  bus come later . they will see a lower percentage of people who drop out because students will be more awake so that’s one of the point. Other point  that it’s the school fault is because schools need to watch more on the students and what they’re doing for example parents don’t know if there kid is really at school that why when schools call and say your kid was tardy or absent they need to tell more info like was they there before that class what does they count as a tardy not in your seat they need to know  what’s going on like tell parents don’t leave them  wondering  why is my kid tarty what they count as tary etc. schools need to watch more and more closely and tell more info If they watch the students they will see what’s going on and try to prevent them from dropping out so the percentage will go downthat’s my second to last point. My last point is schools need to have Different consequences for studentsFor example if you suspend the students for like fighting and keep suspending them for fighting they gonna get tired and just drop out  you need to find out what’s making them fight before u just suspend them for days and days that’s not teaching them or keeping them from doing it again so they need have different conquese because mostly when u get in a fight u get suspended maybe have punishment to keep them in school then to have them have a punishment out of school and also students miss out on a lot of school work when in trouble so they need to make ways that kids stay in school and still get the work done and get help maybe change it to warings and then call home then talk about taking out of school Different consequences and stop suspending kids and give them a chance to speak then  jumping to a suspension because it might have not been that serious than you think it if this problem s fixed there will be less students dropping out. The biggest problem is Some people feel that the drop out should be on parents themselves because the parents need to make them go to school get them in shape talk to them see what’s going on get more info into their own life watch them go and get from school be on them tell teachers make sure they take high school as a fun challenging thing. This can fits in perfectly because it can also be the parents fault as you can see but it is also schools fault. Although some people feel that reasonability for decreasing dropouts should be on parents themselves, the reasonably should be placed on the schools. The steps i explained were how they need to start later,carefully watch students and make different consequences so i really think it shouldn’t  just be the parents fault it should also be on the schools that students think or do dropout of high school so someone need to put a end to the dropouts and there are many reasons why Works Cited This is where your works cited will go.


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