Love into an extremely foolish and reckless

Love is inconstant and even likened to war because it can cause jealousy between each other, it turns us into foolish people and it can overpower one’s mind. All these statements a lead a person to act violently as shown in Shakespeare’s book, AMNSD.  


Being in love can cause jealousy which can lead to the likeliness of war between one another. I the book, Helena is extremely jealous of Hermia because she loves Demetrius but he loves Hermia. In Act 1, Helena reveals that she’s jealous of Hermia because Demetrius, her would-be fiancé, is in love with her friend instead. However, Hermia has eyes only for Lysander. Still, Helena wants to know what Hermia has that she doesn’t: “Helena: O teach me how you look, and with what art You sway the motion of Demetrius’ heart.” (Act 1, Scene 1, Page 8). Hermia responds that she’s done her best to repel him rather than encourage him. Helena pouts:” Helena: O that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill! /O that my prayers could such affection move!” (Act 1, Scene 1) When Hermia insists that it’s not her fault how Demetrius feels about her, Helena grumbles: “Helena: None but your beauty; would that fault were mine!” (Act 1, Scene 1, Page 8). This caused a lot of tension and conflict between the 2 characters.

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Love is really an obstacle which turns us into an extremely foolish and reckless people. 


The pursuit and trial of love can be blinding and overpowering to one’s mind which can even lead a person to violence if anything gets in the way of their love.

Quote:”LYSANDER: Hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing, let loose,                                                                  Or I will shake thee from me like a serpent.HERMIA: Why are you grown so rude? What change is this, Sweet love?LYSANDER: Thy love? Out, tawny Tartar, out!Out, loathèd med’cine! O. hated potion, hence!”

Once Lysander falls in love with Helena and not with Hermia, because of Oberon’s love juice, his former love for Hermia turned to hate rather than apathy. This hate towards Hermia and love for Helena causes him to act irrational, resulting in violence. 




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