lot easy and trouble free. It’s difficult even


lot of time. Through this
project, I learnt how to create my website as well as doing my work on time and
not to be a last minute fighter.

The problem I faced was
editing videos, it was quite difficult to decide how my video should look like,
editing was also kind of troublesome.

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This was the very first time
for me create a website. In the very beginning of the project, at first, I had
no idea of how to create a website but with some teacher’s guidance and online research,
I could make a website. In addition, Wix was easy to use so I did not have much
trouble while doing this website. I am happy that Wix does not require HTML
knowledge hence it became easier for me to complete my project.

Learning process:



The main purpose of this
project is to create a website for people who are looking for some nice clothes
so that they can purchase new clothes without going anywhere. With the
advancement of technology, many people just search for things using their
phone, computer, laptop and etc so by creating an e-commerce website, I can
reach a large amount of audiences.

The Internet can be easily
accessed anytime anywhere on desktop, phone, laptop, tablets and etc. That’s
why creating E-commerce website will not only make a business gain more profit
and reach a large amount of audiences, also it will be easier for customers.

Reason of
this project:


The website has many useful
and easy functions for people to buy clothes easily instead of going to
different shop to shop. Moreover, the website is simple and easy to use for

Therefore, creating an
online website for people to do shopping is much more convenient and efficient.

The Internet is very popular
and common nowadays. Everyone including Children, Teenagers, Adults and Elderly
knows how to use computer, not professionally but they know basic things like
turning on and off, searching things and etc.  Internet has made everyone’s life easy and
trouble free. It’s difficult even shopping online when there’s nothing you

Advantages of the website:


Conclusion and Discussion










Test area:

Login system

Test data:

Name: Philip
Password: Password1

Expected outcome:

Alert box: Login was successful

Actual outcome:
















Test area:

Login system

Teat data:

Name: bbbbb
Password: bbbb

Expected outcome:

Alert box: Still incorrect! You have no more tries left!

Actual outcome:




















Test area:

Login system

Test data:

Name: aaaaaa
Password: aaaaa

Expected outcome:

Alert box: Invalid username and/or password. You have 1 try left.

Actual outcome:





Test area:

Login system

Test data:

Name: asasas
Password: asasas

Expected outcome:

Alert box: Invalid username and/or password. You have 2 tries left.

Actual outcome:





Test plans


Testing and Evaluation












Step 6: Type in the Username, Password and copy paste
the website link.



Step 5: Copy the HTML code and edit it in the Notepad







Step 4:  Click
Log in and Password script II



Step 3: Click Password Protecting











Step 2: Click Free JavaScripts


1: Go to JavaScript Kit Website.

Steps to creating log in page



Step 5: After
finish Editing, Preview the website, save it and finally Publish it.


Step 4: You can
start editing the template using Wix Website Editor.



Step 3: After deciding, choose/view the template that best suits your





Step 2: Decide whether what types website do you want.



Step 1: Go to Wix.com and Create a website.

Steps for
developing website using Wix


Successful Log in

Enter Username and Password again






Correct Username and Password

Wrong Username and Password





Username and Password





Open Log in



Log in









Shipping & Returns

Terms & Conditions




Shipping & Returns

Terms & Conditions




Question 1

Question 2





Contact Us





Net Dress



Golden Dress

Net Dress



New Arrivals

About Us

Contact Us











































v  New
Arrival: Users will be more attracted new arrival. So they’ll be to motivated
to buy new arrivals.

v  Search
Box: Users can search for the item they want without having to scroll to the
bottom of the page.

v  Shopping
cart: Users can check what they have added into the cart without having to
remember what they bought the whole time.

features of my website





Desi Fashion







Below is the layout



It is suggested to have minimum of 1 GB of RAM for the
server computer. To ensure that no problems can occur in the process.

RAM is a form of computer data storage. A RAM is
volatile. Volatile mean data will be erased automatically after the
computer has been shut down. A random-access memory device
allows data to be read or written. The
time required to read and write data items depends on their physical locations.
ram does lead to faster computation power.




The control unit of the CPU passes the decoded
information as a sequence of control signals to the relevant function units of
the CPU to perform the actions required by the instruction such as reading
values from registers, passing them to the ALU to perform mathematical or logic
functions on them, and writing the result back to a register.


 The instruction is converted into signals that
control other parts of the CPU.


 It involves retrieving an instruction from
program memory.


(Central Processing Unit) is the part of a computer system that is commonly
referred to as the “brains” of a computer. It is important to have
CPU in almost every computer. CPU carries out the instructions of a
computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and
input/output operations specified by the instructions.



Final Decision
of hardware















Disadvantage: It is harder
to edit and add thing compared to without frame.

Advantage: It will be more







With frame

Layout 2






Disadvantage: It is not eye-catchy

Advantage: It is easy to
edit and add things


Without frame

Layout 1




Since Amazon sell varieties
of products so it is convenient for customers to choose whether what they want
to buy.


Pros of Amazon





There’s only 2 languages
available on Amazon website so for those who don’t understand these languages
may not understand the entire website.


Cons of Amazon


It is convenient for the customers to check how
much they have to pay and what items they want to remove and add from the
Shopping cart. It shows all the details of the products that customers add to
Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart





Search Box can allow users
to find the products that they want by just typing in the Search Box. It saves
users time and it is convenient.

Search Box

Features of Amazon



B2C is Business-to-consumer that involves a service or product exchange from a
business to a consumer, whereby merchants sell products to consumers.

C2C is consumer-to-consumer, is a business model that facilitates the
transaction of products or services between customers.

B2B is Business-to-Business, is the exchange of products, services or
information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers.



B2C (Business to

C2C (Consumer to

B2B (Business to

Amazon is a popular
e-commerce website. There are
different types of businesses available on its website. Such as



Existing E-commerce Websites











v  Limited

v  Unprofessional


v  No extra cost charged

v  Easy to use (for beginners)



v  Simple File Sending

v  Image Options

v  Zooming

v  Drawing Tools

Microsoft Paint allow users to create and edit graphics. Since the
software is easier to use, it is an pleasing option for beginners to edit
images. Some of the features inclue;


Microsoft Paint


v  It doesn’t have some of the advanced options, such
as closed captions and a surround sound configurator.


v  This video editor is easy for anyone to learn, good
for some beginners who are looking for some good video editing software for
video editing.


v  The text/Credit feature allows you to add text or
caption to the videos.

v  There are more than 650 effects and transitions
available that can be added to your video to make it more attractive.

v  The software comes with 8 different editing tracks
which makes it possible to work on multiple videos at a time.


Video Editor (Video Editor)


I chose Wix is because Wix
does not require any HTML knowledge as there are many templates available to
choose from. It is also good for beginners.

Reason why I chose Wix?



Technical SEO: To
show up in Google search results, your website must be accessible to the
Google, Bing, and others.


Editing &
Design: The editing and page layout process also has a few intangibles missing.
You can drag and drop anywhere. This can be good from a control standpoint, but
it can also be frustrating based on expectations.






Ease of Use:
there are 200 + templates accessible so it is convenient for users to find out
how they want their website to look like. No coding knowledge is required when
using Wix.

Cost Effective:
We get to try before buying (trial version).







Why needed?

Wix (website developer)

For creating a website.

Video editor (filmora)

For editing videos to upload on the website.


Software required for my website










How many needed and why?



Number: 1
Why? To make a website,
computer is needed.


Number: 1
Why? To add some digital
photos for website.


Number: 4 GB
Why? For storing codes
and data temporarily.

Hardware required
















Text Editor

Require knowledge of HTML codes.

Simple Text

HTML Editors

Ø  More advanced text editors
Ø  Provide additional support for HTML tags, such as
tag checking.

1.      Home site

Web-based authoring tools

Provided by large web hosting companies.
No need to install special software.


Integrated web authoring tools

Provide comprehensive web authoring
functions, such as web site management and dynamic web page editing.

2.      Wix

Comparison between different web authoring





v  iWeb

v  Notetab

v  Editplus

v  Dreamweaver


Web authoring software is a website development system that allows Web
pages to be visually created like a desktop publishing program. It generates
the required HTML code for the pages and is able to switch back and forth (in
varying degrees) between the page layout and the HTML. Some web authoring tool’s
examples are as follow.

Web authoring tools


All of the above intended users might visit
my website.  Since they may want to buy the ethnic clothes for some occasions like
Parties, Festivals or they would like to buy for their female relatives or
friends or simply sell clothes to others customers, my website can fulfill
their requirements. While each user will have their
own requirements and desires, there will be clothes measurement card available so that customer will
have ease finding the perfect clothes. Because the transactions will take place online and anyone is
allowed to use the website, anyone who is interested in buying the clothes
is welcomed to use the service. The intended
users are expected users there can
be more than the above users using the website.

Clothes sellers

Males (who are looking for some ethnic clothes for their mother, wife,
sister etc…)

Females (Teenagers, Adults)

There will
be different types of users who may visit my homepage. The intended users may include;

Intended Users


Design and implementation


 A web server is used to host an e-commerce
website. All the Html, JavaScript, PHP files, databases, media files that make
up the entire website are stored on this server. The web server runs on Windows
or Linux operating system. Managing a web server is a very specific job. The
website development companies host the site on their own web server or pay a
hosting company to provide space on a secure web server.

A Web server
is a program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to serve the files
that form Web pages to users, in response to their requests, which are
forwarded by their computers’ HTTP clients. Dedicated computers and appliances
may be referred to as Web servers as well.

hardware is also needed for an E-commerce website. Such as Web Server.



Pricing for
Ability Commerce is customized based on specific business requirements.


A key
Ability Commerce feature is the Channel Feed service to manage products on
Amazon. Once you provide the inventory to sell on Amazon, Ability Commerce
Amazon experts will monitor your products daily to help you position products
better, motivate buyers and, ultimately, boost sales.


The Ability
Commerce feature set includes mobile-optimized versions of stores and tools to
integrate your order management system (OMS) and accounting system. This
ecommerce platform also includes the Smart Site content manager; this lets
users without any programming knowledge change store promotions, prices, images
and products in the Web store.


Commerce is a leading provider of direct commerce retail platforms that help
growing retail businesses increase revenue, reduce fixed cost and engage with
their customers.

There are
numbers of E-commerce software needed for launching or running E-commerce
Business. One of the best software is Ability Commerce.


First, it is
important for the businesses to provide their business’s contact information.
Contact Information are so important that every website have their own “contact
us” page.  As a business owner, having a contact us page converts users into
potential customers for business. People can contact business in various ways
such as, Gmail, letters, or they can call on the number provided by the
business. There are various reasons why customers contact the business. For
example, to gain more information about a certain product, giving feedbacks or
even complain about the services or products. It is best to have a contact us
page so that customers can directly approach the staffs instead of spreading
negative word of mouth and harming the shop’s reputation. It is important to
have error free “contact us” page. For example, there should not be grammatical
mistakes on the “contact us” page. “Contact us” page should be kept simple and
should be avoid having too many words as it will bore the customer since
customers would not want to read the whole passage just to find the contact

creating an E-commerce website, it is important to take notes of some features
that will make a website easier to use and convenient for customers.

Features of existing e-commerce website






From the
seller’s perspective, with technology getting advanced every day, business
should update their system regularly so that they can be up to date. Second,
while businesses try their best to keep their website secure. But it can’t be
guaranteed that there won’t be any hackers hacking into the website and steal
the information they want.


From the customer’s
Perspective, while purchasing products online customers may not know if the
website is trustable/reputable. So while making transaction online, there are
still high chances that their information will be stolen by hackers. Second,
All the products online are intangible, which means customers can not touch the
products until they receive it. So the quality of the product is not guaranteed
to be as good as shown online.

Even though
e-commerce has unlimited numbers of advantages, however there are still some
disadvantages from both customer’s and seller’s Perspectives.

From the
seller’s perspective, Sellers do not have to close their shop on the bad
weather, on any occasions or when they are sick. They can simply continue to
work while having enough rest as they can work from their home. Second, Sellers
can reach a large number of customers without having to open up different
branches in different country. E-commerce is also one of the cheapest way to
reach a large number of people. Third, with the help advance technology,
Sellers do not have to make a website in different languages since the internet
can translate it for them.

buying products online is really common and in trend. One of the main reason is
it is convenient. You don’t have to wait for the opening hours of the shop or
the address to do shopping. You can buy any products anytime anywhere. There
are many advantages of e-commerce. First of all, in customer’s perspective,
E-commerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with
no barriers of distance and time. Second, there are a lot of options to choose
from. For example, Customers don’t have to go from shop to shop to look for
products they want, be it household products, beauty products or etc. Customers
can find it in one single platform.

 Advantage and disadvantage of E-commerce

The intended users are Pakistani/Indian women or any other
women who are looking for some great Pakistani/Indian ethnic clothes.

Intended Users

Most of the time, Pakistani/Indian would like to buy dresses
but it’s either hard to find desired clothes or the websites selling clothes
are fraud or they don’t do international shipping. So by keeping this matter in
mind, I have decided to sell Pakistani/Indian Ladies Ethnic clothes. Since it’s
hard to find ethnic clothes in some countries so all the women looking for
Pakistani/Indian will find it convenient to buy clothes online from a trustable

Ethnic clothes selling


E-commerce which is electronic commerce is used in our daily
life, such as online bill payment. It is also a platform for sellers to sell
products online and which can also be a way to reach a large amount of people
without having to travel. It is also a platform for buyers/customers to buy
things online anywhere anytime, they can buy things from any country anytime
without having to travel as well. In short, e-commerce can serve both customers
and suppliers. E-commerce is also environmentally-friendly. For example, while making online payment, no papers would be used such as
receipts. As well as, with the e-commerce software for businesses, no physical
stores/shops are necessary hence no rent will be charged, which also means a large
reduction in resource consumption. These are some successful/developed
websites: www.ebay.com , www.zalora.com , www.amazon.com .