Life life self esteem has 2 sides

Life Management Skills Midterm                                                   
Done By: Obada Kanawati

Explain how your health does relates/affects your

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Well to start this topic we need to know what is the
meaning of (self-esteem) and what causes a good self-esteem and what causes a
bad self-esteem if I phrased that correctly. Just like everything in life self
esteem has 2 sides a good and positive one and a bad and negative one.
Self-esteem could be defined as a feeling about yourself as well as an opinion
those could be two positive things which would cause someone to have good
self-esteem nevertheless those could also be two bad things which would cause one’s
esteem to be bad. What causes one’s self esteem to be the way
it is? Well it all depends on the close things for example family and friends
if you are surrounded by a bad group of friends you would have bad thoughts
which could eventually lead to a bad self-esteem. Family could also be another
cause as if for example if your parents are arguing consistently around the
house this would cause your mood to go down as you are seeing the people you
care about fight as well as it would cause a bad feeling and a negative vibe
all around the house.

But is self-esteem only influenced by family and
friends? Well, No. a lot of things would go into what makes up a person’s view
of himself and the world. Even his health.

Let’s say we have this person who has been healthy all
his life and got suddenly an illness that would cause his death if he doesn’t
get the right medical care. Well this would cause this example person to have a
lot of bad thoughts and this would affect his thoughts over all as this illness
took over a large part of his life and he could not do anything he used to do.
His normal life way was changed completely instead of having the ability to go
out and have fun he is now always at home and needs to be careful of everything
he does. This would cause the person to have bad thoughts as well as bad
feeling because of the fact that he can’t do anything the way he did before.
But the health factor isn’t only a bad one it could also be a good thing
because imagine this thing the other way a person born with an illness which
caused him to always sit on the side lines for every fun activity the people
around him did and on a day, he is cured from this illness. This would cause as
change in thought for this person as now he could have a lot of fun and could
explore the world even more instead of sitting on the side. This exploring
would lead into good feelings as he is now seeing the parts of the world that
he didn’t experience.

So, in short health does affect self-esteem in all
ways possible good or bad. Because it does affect the two things that
self-esteem is made up from which are thoughts and feelings.

Life Management Skills Midterm                                                   
Done By: Obada Kanawati


 To what extent does your
family’s health history can determine your own health? Explain and give


Many people know that one can change his or
her health by following healthy habits like not smoking, exercise regularly,
and eating healthy foods or in short just following a healthy life style. But
did those people know that they could still be affected because of the family
history? Why is that we ask. Well its mostly because of the genetic structure
of a person as he inherits all the DNA from family members. The DNA carries
around most genes and that’s why in most families you will find the same hair color,
eye color, facial structure and a body built in such shapes. But the DNA
doesn’t carry only those things it does carry diseases like asthma, diabetes, cancer, and heart
disease which were passed along the family generation to another. If a
family does know there bloodline maybe they could expect a certain illness to
occur or maybe they will try to find a way to reverse the damage. One cannot
change his or her genes, but they can adapt a healthier lifestyle to suit the
illness they have.


I could give myself as an example. I got
asthma inherited from my father and me being the only one who has it in the
family I’m always the one that needs to watch out before I do something because
asthma isn’t an easy thing to live with. I used to get asthma attacks while
sleeping and waking my father up to take me to a hospital. And at school I used
to rest my self from extra sport activity because I couldn’t afford to get
another asthma attack while my father is far away from me and having to keep
the school on edge with everything that happens with me.

So, as I’ve mentioned getting this certain
illness from your family could lead one to being left out a bit, but it doesn’t
mean that he or she can’t live a normal life. Because as my parents knew I had
this illness they could expect that this or that would happen to me and would
always have a backup plan for me in these situations being my (Ventolin spray)
and on all school trips they would send a note saying that if you notice him
having this thing call us and let him rest.

To get things into perspective a human gets
all of his genes from his family and in those genes, lies an illness somewhere.
It’s only a matter of time before it hits one of the family members.