LGBT, harassment, discrimination, and threat of violence. Everyone

LGBT, which means lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people has
slightly accepted by society based on gender orientation and sexual. LGBT
people is a small group with less amount of members who are facing various
problems of socio-economic and culture injustice. Due to lack of social
recognition, LGBT people has limited capacity to fully admission and having
their own rights as residents. Most of the LGBT members from Europe, same-sex
couples do not have the safety and right equally as opposite sex couples and
makes them suffer from discrimination and difficulty in access to social
protection schemes, such as insurance and pension. Also,
majority of LGBT people are required to hide their sexual orientation to avoid
of losing their job in the labor market (Subhrajit, 2014). Overall, LGBT people are minority group who could not
accepted by majority of people which lead them having a better experience of intolerance,
harassment, discrimination, and threat of violence. Everyone of us are
human and people should be treated in the same way. Discrimination has caused
LGBT people suffered nowadays, but there’s numerous ways to solve the problem.
First way to solve the problem of discrimination is policies and laws. Policies
and Laws are used to ensure the safety of people and every states of country
should make it to decrease the problem of discrimination. For an example,
District of Columbia has a rule and ethical code to prevent discrimination on
basis of actual and the perception of sexual orientation (Hunt, 2011). In the company,
many states need to adopted the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to pretend
discrimination happens based on sexual orientation and gender identity such as hiring,
promotions, termination and compensation. However, school needs to add sexual
orientation to a non-discrimination or harassment policy to not allowed anyone
in school to be treated or harassed badly and protect the safety of LGBT


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