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Levi Strauss is a big player in the textile market industry. There are hundreds of competitors in the market with the same baseline. Keeping up in a big industry like this is very hard. To continue in an industry like this, the brand must come up with new marketing strategies all the time to attract new customers and bring in customers from competitors’ market. This SWOT analysis will give us a brief about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Levi’s is a brand that has been there for years producing the same quality and maybe even improving the quality each year. The brand’s USP is to sell the old ones with the newest trend. It is in the market among the customers presenting the most trending designs. The company has gained loyal customers with its own imaging among men and women across the globe.


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1.     Brand loyalty – After being in the industry for more than 120 years, Levi’s has many loyal customers who wait until the next trend hits in by the brand. It has many loyal customers who goes straight to the Levi’s every time they think about apparel and clothing which is highly impossible for other brands. And that’s what makes the brand so special and unique when compared to it’s competitors.

2.     Brand value – The company has always stood up to the level of meeting the customer’s expectations in terms of quality and price. Being one of the oldest apparel brands, the company has the knowledge of targeting its customers and keeping them engaged during all times of the year.

3.     Distribution – It has five major sections that the brand has across the world, Africa and Middle East, Asia and Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. There are big distribution channels which has all products across all the countries. To target all the markets, it must come up with different sales and promotions. And Levi’s has managed to do so in during its time in the market.

4.     Finance – Considering a company that has a huge reputation, It should be able to access the international finances and Levi’s has the courage to do that. Levi’s never backed down from promoting themselves as a big brand. This financing always gave them a complete control over its other competitors.

5.     Promotions using songs – Its unique style of promoting the brand depends on showing their trends using the most popular songs on the advertisements. They come up with the song that is already famous, or which is going viral now for their advertising.

6.     Manufacturing – Though majority of the company’s manufacturing plants are in the US, the company is still able to reach its consumers across the world.  


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