Leonato Ursula are Hero’s servants. Margaret, unlike Ursula

Leonato is a host of the house in Messina, Italy, where the play takes its place, a younger brother of Antonio. He hires Balthasar, who is a waiting man in his house and a musician. He is well respected, noble elderly, the governor of the city. Thanks to his position as the governor he is second in social hierarchy and power, just behind Don Pedro. Although he is a powerful man he seems to follow others. First, he agrees when hears a rumour that Don Pedro wants to take his daughter as his wife. When that turns out to be untrue he approves her marriage with Claudio. When Hero is being accused of disloyalty he believes the accusers. He is also happy hearing about Beatrice and Benedick marriage and at the end he is comfortable to wait for the next day to punish of the culprits. Don John, sometimes called “the bastard” due to being an illegitimate brother of Don Pedro. Motivated by the jealousy of his brother’s power, social authority and position Don John is the villain of the play. He creates the plan to ruin Hero and Claudio’s joy, as he envies that Claudio is well respected, good friend of Don Pedro. When his plan of ruining the wedding succeed he runs away leaving his companions behind. Justice reaches him anyway as he is caught when his cruel plan is exposed.Borachio and Conrad are Don John allies. They conspire with him in order to help destroying Claudio’s chance for happiness. Borachio is the one who comes up with the idea of convincing Claudio about Hero’s unfaithfulness. Margaret and Ursula are Hero’s servants. Margaret, unlike Ursula is lower class woman, she is unwillingly entitled into Don John and Borachio’s plan to ruin Hero’s happiness. Although honest, she has an connection with Don John’s world by having an affair with one of his friend – Borachio. Dogberry is a character constantly in charge of the Watch, the policeman of Messina. He is an honest man, treats his job very seriously. He is a middle class character who quite often uses words in the wrong way what makes him incomprehensible for other people. He works with his deputy, Verges.