Learning education. Many of the teachers that I

Learning is the foundation of a better future. A future of
knowledge and success. I want to teach the future generation to become someone
that can accomplish their dreams just has my past teachers have done so.
Through the years, my professors have helped me find my path in life and I
would like to do the same to the future generation. Teachers have what it takes
to change society and I would like to make a change for the best. I have chosen
a career in education because I believed education is the most important aspect
in life.

My inspiration to pursue a degree in education are my loving
parents. My parents come from a poor town in Mexico were education was not a
first priority, but working was. Both of my parents did not finish elementary
due to low Income, they had to leave school to help out with house duties and work
at a young age to bring income to their home.  Although they don’t have a great education
both of my parents have help me and my siblings with everything they can from
doing homework to always supporting us. They have always said that no matter if
they don’t have education, they can still help us accomplish our goals. Also
has the oldest of my siblings, I want my siblings to have someone to look up
too, like I look up to my parents. They may not have the education but they
have what it takes to make sure their children succeed.

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My parents make sure I get a good education but my teachers
make sure I learn that good education. Many of the teachers that I have had
throughout my education have become role models. This started when I was in
elementary in my ESL class to be precise. I was born in the U.S.A but after
turning five my parents decided to go back to Mexico. Due to leaving to Mexico
I did not learn English until I came back to the states and that was five years
later. When I was register for classes my parents were told I would be in ESL
classes due to not knowing English. I had no idea what ESL meant, I was just
scared of being in a new place and hearing people talk and not understand what
they were saying. The first day of class was like any other first day of class
for a new kid, having a nervous breakdown. I remember my teacher name was Mrs.
Alaniz she taught 4th and 5th grade bilingual class at
Eduardo Mata Elementary. She was one of the best teacher I have had throughout
my education. She was good at explain the concepts, she had patient with her
students but firm when she need it to be, she always had high expectations for
us and knew how to motivate her class. She taught me how to read and write in English
and forever I will be grateful for that.

Teaching someone something new is hard more so when they have
a student like me that did not want to learn because I found everything to
complicated. She never lost hope in me, she was always nagging me, I called it
nagging but now I know it wasn’t nagging it was her way of helping me. She
would tell my parents to take me to the library on Saturday for story time and
I hated it because story time was meant for small children not a nine-year-old
girl like me. But I’m thankful for all her efforts she put on me, I know I’m
not the only person she helped because I notice how she helped my other classmates.
 She always went out of her way to help
us and for that made her my super role model.  I wanted to be like her, teach those that like
me come from another country and help them. However, I know I will create my
own style of teaching has I learn my strengths through experiences.

Is there such thing has an excellent teacher? I believe there
is. What makes an excellent teacher? Someone that explains? Demonstrates? Both
make a good teacher but an excellent teacher is someone that inspire you, they
make you think everything is possible. Mrs. Alaniz was that excellent teacher,
she did not let a student leave without having understand the topic, no matter
how long it took.  She always found ways
to make sure we would understand. I intend on being that type of teacher. A teacher
that make individuals truly believe that dreams do come true.

To inspire someone is not an easy task and is not suppose to
be. The chance to inspire someone it’s a challenge, there are a few educators
that have not accepted this challenge and needs to be change. Student do not go
to school because they want to but because they are force to. Many students do
not prioritize learning but a teacher job is to teach. I want to become a teacher
that not only teaches material but also teach character and morals. I want to
be a role model to my students like my teachers were to me. 


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