Leadership-They job performance (Mathieu et al., 1992; Chiaburu

play the role of leader and act as a coordinator between management and
operational staff. Supervisor work with their subordinate to make the operation
successful. The performance control
machine fosters ongoing two-way conversation between employees and managers; helps
the development of clear, regular, and measurable dreams related directly to the
company’s middle values and talents; enables to articulate and support
education wishes and profession improvement; and establishes the criteria for
making praise and reputation decisions It is the duty of supervisor to design,
implement and monitor the organizational policies which include the training
program(Comstock, 1994; Robbins & DeCenzo, 2004; Ellinger et al., 2005). supervisor
come under the top level management because they assigned duties and
responsibilities to their subordinates(Elangovan & Karakowsky, 1999;
Goldstein & Ford, 2002; Noe 2008).

role of supervisor is different in contemporary and traditional management. In
traditional management supervisor determines obligations Furthermore
responsibilities by their bosses to identify the daily, schedule and  employee deficiencies, and in addition report
card such deficiencies of the highest point management. For further activity main
management will that point recognize those preparation necessities .Also
propose Specific sorts about preparing project should beat such Worker
deficiencies(Pfeffer, 1998; Rodrígues & Gregory, 2005).Supervisor should be
interactive and they can be of different backgrounds which show their
expertness in different fields (Hayes & Allinson, 1998). Main role of
supervisor is mentoring(Kram, 1996).

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who get supported by their supervisor while doing training and learning program
get a positive attitude and get the feeling of equity which will increase their
job performance (Mathieu et al., 1992; Chiaburu & Takleab, 2005). First-degree
supervisors should of course have technical competence in the areas they
supervise. The supervisors should be able to perform the unique
responsibilities they ask their employees to do0 and ought to, to some degree,
apprehend the system and the manner era they control. It shows the ability of
supervisor to connect and openly communicate with the staff members as it gives
value to the training and learning program which will lead to increase in job
performance(Cohen & Leventhal, 1990; Farr & Middlebrooks, 1990).supervisor
have the power to design a effective training program to develop a useful employee
for the organization. At this stage supervisor and trainee work together
followed by the management team to make the objective establish in the
organization. (Golemen, 2000; Goldstein & Ford, 2002; Nijman, 2004)

far the obligation of supervisors to speak on an ongoing foundation with their
employees. Those conversations must be grounded in honest verbal exchange and
offer team of workers with clear role expectations, remarks, identify overall
performance improvement, development opportunities, and profession possibilities.
Each worker has a duty to take part fully in those conversations, make sure
they apprehend their role duties and expectations, and speak any barriers or
schooling desires as a way to perform their function. The manager’s usual role is to talk organizational
desires, oversee personnel’ performance, offer steerage, guide, become aware of
improvement needs, and manipulate the reciprocal courting between team of
workers and the organization in order that each is a hit. (Supervisor Roles and
Responsibilities: Helping People Succeed Compass Point Nonprofit Services,
July 6, 2012).The function of supervisors in
education management does not only offer financial and physical facility helps,
however they also have the abilities to establish practical and viable getting
to know expediencies, encourage wonderful reinforcements, create a
wonderful  training software, make
employees experience relaxed to attend training, and improve and increase  employees’ abilities (Brinkerhoff & Montesino, 1995; Golemen, 2000).

performance- performance management must be going on all 12 months lengthy and
culminates with a summary evaluation assessment that ought to carry closure to
the overall performance period and provide a foundation for performance control
for the following duration. The capability of supervisors to provide sufficient
aid and use of accurate communication patterns in education applications may
additionally lead to higher level of employee job performance (Axtell, 1997;
Ismail et al., 2008; Nijman, 2004; Tai, 2006).Overall performance is generally
visible as character personnel accomplishing their respective paintings
desires, assembly their expectancies, achieving task objectives and/or carrying
out a benchmark set by means of their agencies (Eysenck, 1998; Maathis &
Jackson, 2000; Bohlander et al., 2001).

studying the above the writer is agree with the point that supervisor is the
coordinator between subordinate and management team . supervisor design the
roster and divide the work to employee. Supervisor communication skills and
experience make the objective successful. supervisor support make the training
program go further smoothly and it develop a positive attitude and also
motivate employee to work with their full capability with increase in job
performance and develop new employee for the organization.