Language that children who attend school can

Language is
a means of communication between people. Through the language of the message
and the intention to be conveyed by someone can be accepted and understood by
others. Language has a very important role so that it can be said language is
an asset to make life. In Indonesia there are various verbal languages ??that
are characteristic in each tribe. As for connecting with people of different
ethnic groups, used a unifying language that is Indonesian. As a unifying
language, Indonesian is used in everyday life especially in big cities whose
society consists of various ethnic groups.

               Local and
Indonesian language education has been taught in formal education. However, the
mastery of the two languages ??is not enough as a provision facing the global
association. This is what underlies the birth of foreign language education in
schools. One of the many foreign languages ??taught in formal education is

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opposite junior students have the initial psychological basis to carry out
their ideals to the end and obtain the corresponding ability to reserve. It is
the key and transitional period from the unconscious motivation to
self-motivation. If the students can grasp this period well, they will be
excellent and successful. Instead, they will go into the opposite way. The
Study of Student Motivation on English Learning in Junior “Middle School –
A Case Study of the 5th Middle School in Gejiu 2003.

has been used as a second language in many countries around the world and
widely recognised as the international language of business, science,
technology, and entertainment. Under this premise, many studies have stressed
the importance of English in current times “The Importance Of English
Language Competency In The Academic Success Of International Accounting
Students (Michael Morris, Shirley Maxey)

language education in schools has been considered normal, especially in urban
areas. English is a subject that must be taught in formal education. So that
children who attend school can get English education. Currently there are also
English language course institutions that help teach English to the community
with a variety of interesting methods on offer. However, agencies this course is still limited to urban
areas. So that English education is not spread evenly to all regions in

               The focus of most people is how to teach English through formal education. Formal education that teaches English is also still less to apply than the material of English itself. It is sad when formal education still relies on the method of learning that the percentage of theory is more than the percentage of practice, with an average of 80% theory and 20% practice. Though language is basically a part of culture that should always be practiced in order to remain sustainable and exist in the community.               English education becomes an important thing to be taught to students in formal education schools but in fact many students who find it difficult to learn English because they menggaggap English is a foreign language that is usually rarely used in everyday life hence the application of use of English in schools must be handled, that is by providing additional English lessons or commonly called with courses outside the subjects so that all students who find it difficult to learn English is not left behind with friends who are used to learning English. In addition there are other ways of dealing with students who are difficult to learn English by inviting students to follow extracurricular that supports the learning of English in it because it can help students if students are embarrassed to ask the teacher can ask his friends or exchange information because that way students can have additional insight into learning English               Learning English is not always only obtained from formal education, but also non-formal education. Through this nonformal education. In conducting non-formal English education, students need to be instilled awareness of the importance of learning English. Currently, non-formal institutions that teach English begin to grow, One of them is Saung English WE Academy which is an English course institution that is affordable by various community. It is a manifestation of creativity and care of the nation’s children who make it easier for students to get an English education. Such institutions need to be appreciated and get the attention of the government so that it can continue developing. Because through this institution can be born English environment.               There are various efforts that can be done to bring English closer to the students, especially for those who are in remote areas. First, to socialize the importance of learning English by describing the benefits that can be obtained for himself, his region, and his country. Second, to approach the students for example by holding a cheap market. Activities that can invite the interest of this community, can be inserted with the use of English when communicating with students. So step by step students start to know and akhinya like English. Third, teaching English directly to students. In this third attempt, students can be taught English vocabulary for the objects and words that are often used in everyday life. The core of these efforts is to practice English in life. So the ultimate goal is to create an English-speaking environment. Efforts made are expected to foster habits in students. When English becomes a habit in the community then the English language culture can be sustainable.The use of English in formal schools does not mean to shift the Indonesian language as a national language. Bahasa Indonesia remains a unifying language because it is one of our nation’s identities. The English language can be used as a second language. Making English as a second language has also been done by our neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. This is a step forward in the civilization of the nation.               The barrier that is often encountered in English education is the fear in students and assume that English is a very difficult lesson so they are lazy to learn English. Thinking like this is a narrow thought. Because English is basically the language of communication that can connect us with people in other countries. If we isolate ourselves from English, then we do not want to connect with other countries. In contrast, English can actually help to preserve local languages ??and promote our culture abroad.Various benefits can be gained by instilling English education for everyone. With English, we can bring this nation forward in economics, social, culture, politics, and education. Because it can not be denied that the various information in the world today is presented in English, so in order to access it is very important to master the English language. Benefits of the mastery of English in the field of education that is, the students of Indonesia can study abroad so as to broaden knowledge and insight.               Attempts to teach English students in school is not as easy as turning a palm of the hand in doing so. Therefore, it is required by teachers who not only have skills in English but also have great willingness and passion to realize the purpose of the actual English education is to make Indonesian students who are active in English. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s act now!



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