Karleigh Seven transgender women of color were

Karleigh Owens  Mrs.Kleman   English  1/19/18 Hate Crimes Against Transgender People   Transgenders people are pushing for others to accept them. They want to be accepted like regular people. Forty-one states and the district of Columbia have laws against hate crimes. Most violence against homosexuals is committed by other homosexuals.  Only one in seventy-seven homosexuals is ever the victim of a hate crime. The government should pass a law banning all hate crimes, from every country in the world.  Deaths in a transgender community. Kids cannot live a normal life if people are always pestering them about how disgusting and unusual they are. Seven transgender women of color were murdered in the United States, the first two months of the 2015 year. At least eight black people, three white people, three gays, three Jewish, and one Latino person became a hate crime victim every day. Every week someone burns a cross. If you kill someone that is gay and/or transgender, there should be a longer jail sentence for that person.   Hate crimes every hour. People don’t know that there are hate crimes committed so much. Out of 6,216 crimes reported forty seven percent of them were racially motivated, twenty one percent was due to sexual orientation. Twenty percent religion based, twelve percent ethnicity, and one percent is disability. Hate crimes stem from a learned behaviour of hatred. Sixty one percent of respondents had faced physical abuse, violent threats, or sexual harassment at some point of their lives. Hate crimes are learned from hatred.   Who are the victims? Most people don’t tell others about violent encounters because they are afraid it will make the crime worse than it is. Blacks, Jews, and gay men are the common known hate crime. In the U.S, 6,222 hate crime incidents involving 7,254 offenses were reported in 2011. A hate crime is a targeted criminal activity usually motivated by prejudice based on perceived personal characteristics of the victims. People like to target younger different people.            Young people can make the difference. There’s no reason for people to hurt transgenders, they are exactly the same as everyone else. Hate crimes simultaneously victimize a specific individual’s members of the group at large.  “I was shot by BB guns when I was twenty going into gay bars, it was said I was shot from a truck.”  Nearly two thirds of all hate crimes involve no physical violence. Most hate crimes just are full force attacks.  


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