JFK to my enriching summer school experience, which

JFK once said “A
rising tide lifts all boats” and that is how I have perceived the impact of law
and policy since a young age. My zeal and interest towards these
subjects emanated first of all from ideals of Kautilya and his treatise called
Artha Shastra and my decision to pursue it in my undergraduate degree riveted
my existing interest towards it. As and when the course progressed and I took more law courses as well as
BA courses and I became more exposed to the multiple facets of the areas I previously
only had vague idea about in school.  The
fact that law pervades every aspect of our lives fascinated me and I developed
a new way of thinking about the world. 


Now, at this
crucial stage of my academic career, I am confident that studying a semester
abroad will present me with various opportunities to further my zeal and
passion for the subject by allowing me access to wide ranging courses and
enabling me to reach my potential. I believe that a rigorous academic programme
at a semester abroad will be a stimulating and invigorating opportunity to
interact and compete with students from around the world and survey my
potential and my limitations in an alternative environment conducive for
learning. Like at JGU, even at the semester abroad I look forward to studying a
good combination of law courses and non law courses that complement each other,
while also broadening my knowledge on issues, and the nuances of the system
prevalent in the world structure. I have always yearned to gain international
exposure and my initial apprehension has departed due to my enriching summer
school experience, which solidified my intent for studying a semester abroad.
In addition to the classroom environment and learning I look forward to
different opportunities in the form of student organizations, societies and
research opportunities that will also give me real life experience to explore
and delve deeper.

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I don’t want the
maturity that I gain to bring along with it an indifference to life’s magical
simplicities. It matters to me that I continue to have my moments of unbridled
enthusiasm that is why apart from academics I also look forward to the diverse
multi national and multicultural interactions and conversations which, along
with a holistic environment will give me the opportunity to be a part of a
community while growing and evolving as an individual. I am also excited about
contributing to the diversity and gaining an exhilarating experience of
learning about a new country and its culture. I want to always want with sparkling certainty and
optimism and furthering this I hope to develop and acquire skills within and
outside of my comfort zone. I believe that the semester abroad will not only
help me grow as a student or professional but also as a person and I am eager
to explore the opportunity that will surround me, I hope to explore and uncover
all the little things that the semester abroad extends with invigorating
enthusiasm and curiosity, without losing the little quirky sparks that I’ve
picked up over the years, in hopes that I can expand them in her vibrant


Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “Time is not measured by the passing of
years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves”. Similarly I
want under graduation to be an enriching experience with opportunities like
semester abroad to learn with the unsurpassed, which will train me to aim and
achieve the best.


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