Jazz originated in the African American culture in the 1800 – 1900’s. The style was introduced in America by African American slaves. Jazz was first performed in America on a variety show by a man named, Joe Frisco. The dance consists of a ┬ávery loose-limbed and very low to the ground movements. He also juggled his felt hat and cigar as he was dancing.Roughly during the middle 1950s the term “jazz dance” was created,often referred to tap dancing,tap dancing was often danced to jazz music it was the main dance that would be performed in front of crowds,in the late jazz age the most common jazz dances were the Black Bottom,The Cakewalk, Jitterbug, Charleston,The Boogie Woogie,Swing Dance and Lindy hop.http://www.danceconnectionrochester.com/dance/jazz-dance History of tap dancingTap dancing has many ancestors,more noticeably irish step dancing and african dancing(called the juba)both were brought over to united states during slavery and immigration.In 1882,Thomas Rice added metal to the bottom of his shoes to create a rhythm when he walked.https://theartofsimple.net/history-of-tap-dancing/ The history of the cha-chaIn the beginning the cha-cha was called the cha-cha-cha.The cha-cha was born in 1954.It was based on the mambo.An english dance teacher by the name of Pierre Margolie visited Cuba in 1952 he stunningly realized that the dance named the rumba was being danced with some extra beats,in 1948 a musician by the name of Enrique Jorrin,he combined two dances called the Danzon and the Montuno. As Pierre Margolie returned to his home in Britain he started to teach his students the steps he saw but as a separate dance.The cha-cha consists of 3 quick steps(the cha-cha,triple step)as well as two slower steps on the beat one and beat two.the cha-cha is danced with shoes called latin/rhythm shoes it is also danced with frilly like costumes.the cha-cha is danced at roughly 120 steps per minute!,I hope you enjoyed my speech about dance.