It that during the time of November to

It has been about months as the
construction work of the 1320 MW coal-fired power plant at Rampal has just begun.
There are some major steps taken toward the development of the country. It is
also known that the Rampal Power Plant has joint partnership between India’s
state owned by National Thermal Power Corporation and Bangladesh Power
Development Board. The correspondent found, while visiting the area that earth
filling work has been completed almost 915 acres of land on the requisite. It
has also found out that the proposed project of Rampal Power Plant area has
over 1834 acres of land, which is situated 14 kilometres north of the world’s
largest mangrove forest in Sundarbans. It is also known as UNESCO world
heritage site. As this project, would be the country’s largest power plant.

In 2013, the environmental expert
found out that the impact of the power plant on the Sundarban area would be
harmful, negative and irresponsible. As the expected time to completed the
construction work of the power plant project is in the 2019-20 fiscal years. In
this duration of planting the project of Rampal power plant would harm the
daily life of the officers, employees, workers’ residence, schools, hospitals,
prayer places, community center and other infrastructures. Though the
environmental head also mentioned that Rampal power plant would not harm the
Sundarbans there are many ultra-modern technologies, including
ultra-supercritical technology that would be used while placing plants. It has
been said that the power plant being built would be situated at least 21km away
from the Sundarban place and 65km away from the mangrove forest.

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Around 40 kolimeters from the port
to the plant it cuts through the Sundarbans and it also includes the river flow
path. Moreover environmentalist also added that these coal-carrying vehicles
are not often covered as it might scatter a large amounts of fly ash, coal dust
and sulphur, and many other type of toxic chemicals can be released throughout
the life of the project. As a result, it might harm people especially the young
youth as they are the future generation of the country so it must be as
protective as possible,

The EIA  officials acknowledges that during the time
of November to February  the wind would
flows towards the Sundarban (South) and in the rest of the year it would flows
on the opposite direction of the Sundarban (North). It has been examined that
most the of the time the emissions from the power plant would not reach the
Sundarban area except November to February. This emissions which contains
harmful pollutants such as S0x, NOx, and mercury would spread at least 25km
from the source and a distance about 14km would also protect the forest from
harmful thing.

It was stated that the intrinsic
connectivity between the property and the Sundarban forest of Rampal Power
Plant should be cancelled and relocated to a more better and suitable location
where it might not harm or get any type of negative impact on the Sundarban
area and its forest.

Similarly, it has also been claimed
that there will no negative effect on the river due to this power plant but it
has seen that plant would use maximum 9000 cubic meters of water per hour and
it will discharge 5000 cubic meters of it per hour into the river. For this
reason, the plant will absorb more water to recover which is being lost and
this creats a number of pressure on the quantity and the quality of the water

At present, on the 7th of January to
save the Sundarbans movements, protest held all over gaining over 4000
participants worldwide. Greenpeace report forecasts 6000 premature where deaths
and low birth weights will result due to the power plant. Over it operation
lifetime, there will be increase in the risk of of respiratory diseases and
many other problems in people’s life. So as we can see Rampal Power Plant is
more like causing harmful than any benefits. 


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