It in Hollywood working with these famous celebrities

It has been almost 2
years since the death of my best friend, Jay Gatsby and that incident hasn’t
left my mind since. I’ve acquired a new job ever since I left my old one from
Gatsby, I know work as a show business man for the filming industry here in Los
Angeles, California. I was lucky to work in Hollywood working with these famous
celebrities and rising star celebrities, but I to Nick Carraway am famous
myself because of the news that I was working with Jay Gatsby back then.
Sometimes people in the studios would approach me if Gatsby has left any money
when he dies or I have inherited some of it. I find these questions retarded
because they think I only wanted the money, but I’m not like them at all, these
people also want the same thing just like everybody else “money”. Even these so
called celebrities they do this to make money, when you have money you have
power, fame, and acquire things you need, why do you think there are many
rising star celebrities, they are just hungry for fame and wants to be as
powerful as Gatsby.

As I was doing my
job, like any regular normal human being I just want to get through the day go
home and rest. Then the next day arrives, all of a sudden I received a letter
that I didn’t expect to receive. As I opened the letter it only said “Hello
Uncle” with the initials P.G.

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“What the hell, this
must be some kind of joke.” said Nick Carraway angrily.

So as I went to work
suddenly all of a sudden there was a man waiting for me on my desk, he looked
at me and suddenly says “Hey Nick, why the long face?” then I realized it’s
just my friend from work, Mike Walter. I didn’t recognize him at first because
I was still pissed about that letter I got this morning and the stress running
through my mind. “Nick, I always told you to take a break every now and then,
you always work here 24/7 and I know a place where we can hook up some girls”
said Mike cheerfully. “I appreciate the idea or thought but work is all I think
about” said Nick. “Fine, just trying to help, oh hey there is this new girl at
our work and she is getting all of the attention” Mike continued. I was curious
who this new girl was and then Mike realized he has something important to do
and rushed off into the distance and ran like a madman, I find it funny the way
he ran “He is like a goofball” I whispered to myself.

But then again I was
curious who this new girl everyone was talking about, I have been hearing
gossips here and there, some of my men co-workers asked me to be there wingman
and to make them look good. Even Mike asked me it was really ridiculous because
all they want to do is flirt with her, out of curiosity I want to find her, so
I asked a couple of my friends where she is and they said she is currently
working on a film in one of the newly built studios. I wasn’t surprised why the
men were all over her, she was an actress and the only thing that shocked me
was that she is being filmed in one of the new studios, only actors and
actresses who has a good reputation gets to be filmed in those studios.

My curiosity for this
girl grew bigger and bigger, as I entered the new studio everybody was done
filming, then as I was looking for the new girl I asked anyone of the crew if
they know her and then one of the crew pointed the girl who was all alone in
the set. When I saw her I was amazed by her beauty, her long golden silky
smooth hair, eyes as blue as the ocean that could stare deep within your soul,
rosy lips, and as I approach her there was a beautiful scent like a bouquet of
roses. Then all of a sudden, she approached me as if she knows me and said:

 “Hello Nick Carraway” said the mysterious girl

“What? Who are you?
and how do you know me?” Nick said in confusion

“I’m Pamela, and
would you mind to join me for lunch” Pamela continued

Nick was shocked and
surprised to know who he was but all that Nick did was nodded and join her for
lunch. We were eating at this café across the block and we ordered some
sandwich and coffee. “So how long have you been working at Hollywood” Pamela
asked, “It’s been almost two years” Nick said, “Tell me” Pamela asked as she
looked at me seriously “was Jay Gatsby really your friend?.”  “Look, lady as I told the others who ask me
that question, he was my best friend I didn’t want his money when he died and I
didn’t take any of his possessions or anything else to his, if anything I was
his real and only friend” Nick said angrily. “Wow you really are my father’s friend,”
Pamela said as Nick looked at her with shock, “I’m sorry I haven’t really
introduced myself properly, my name is Pamela, Pamela Gatsby hello uncle.”

Nick was shocked,
confused and was in disbelief from what he has heard and the revelation that
was shown to him today but then Nick asked “Why are you here? When did Gatsby
had a daughter? I have so many questions to ask you.” Nick said in distraught,
“I’ll answer all your questions later but, there is one thing I’ll have to tell
why I’m here” Pamela said, “What?” Nick asked “I’m here for one thing only, to
rebuild my father’s empire and to take revenge”.



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