It compliance to local and federal regulations

It is
with great pleasure and zero reservations that I recommend Muhammad Atif Ameen
for your management program. Atif reported to me in his role as senior environmental
auditor at environment protection and development authority. He is smart and
skilled, His natural people skills and intuitive leadership style earned him respect
in his department. His team-building skills are unmatched.

Atif was hired as electronic
engineer in June of 2014. He advanced as senior environmental auditor lately
due to his excellent communication and organizing skills where he supervises a
team of five personal. He is responsible for monitoring activities including
the air quality as well in compliance to local and federal regulations of
environmental protection.

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Last summer,
Atif exhibited exceptional management skills as organized BEST Environmental
Performance Award for the Industry. He, along with his team, not only tailored
the audit checklist and audit the major industrial sector like quarries,
crushers, cement plants and glass manufacturing industry but also organized the
event. The event was resourceful for improved environmental preservation awareness
among industry.

I have had Atif in my organization for more four years now,
and during that time he has repeatedly expressed his strong desire to study management
at a higher level. I would highly recommend
Atif for admission to the university’s graduate program. As his manager, I have
witnessed his many outstanding achievements where he was awarded with super
excellence performance award as well as nominated for best technical personal
and most innovative and creative employee among all government authorities.

Atif accomplishes all
these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude. He has repeatedly
distinguished himself at our organization and his ability to organize will serve him well in a university.


recommend Atif to you without reservation. If you have any further questions,
please do not hesitate to contact me.




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