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It is essential to make our clients aware of the importance of Online Marketing, without an excellent Digital marketing campaign and a rigorous job SEO, SEO web page is equivalent to a ship in an ocean, it is practically impossible to get customers without a good visibility strategy and brand image. That’s why in Webbing Barcelona we have a team of specialists in viral marketing techniques and SEO, as well as a good structure in the pricing policy according to your needs. If you are willing to grow as a company and have a more significant presence on the Internet, inform yourself now, we will conduct a market study, and we will show you with real data the shortcomings of your website and your competition to guarantee satisfactory results.The use of marketing methods on the Internet is essential for your website today, but the results are not achieved overnight but imply a continuous and daily work where the effort and expertise of the webmaster will accomplish the objectives.SEO web positioningThe SEO or natural positioning is a process in which techniques of web optimization, content generation and creating a network of links are applied, so that search engines find and recognize your page as a trusted website, thus making it more visible to Users who use terms or keywords related to your business in searches. The content is structured in a transparent way for the different search engines, showing and presenting our products or services to potential clients. Because optimizing a website is the most useful and fundamental part of an online marketing plan . It provides essential advantages to have a presence in the online market, more traffic, more relevance and more conversions towards the objectives of the web.Social Media MarketingSocial networks have become the essential means of the 21st century, both for methods of dissemination and recruitment and to establish close links with our system of influence, transmitted and reflected in our company image. The SMM is to use social networks and participate in them to promote a website of a company, a product, a service, a blog, etc.It is based on a series of online platforms aimed at viral marketing that allow users to interact with each other and share all kinds of opinions and documents. With this, you get a large audience at little cost (higher ROI) compared to other media. The objectives of Social Media Marketing are:?    Branding and brand diffusion on the web.?    Reputation Management.?    Increase the traffic of visits to the company’s site.?    Get external links?    Improve SEO natural positioning in search engines.Google ServicesDiscover all the tools that Google offers for your business. The Internet giant provides us with critical services both to promote and promote the web pages and to manage in the best possible way all the information and all the assets that the sites have on the network. Therefore, the synchronization and the use of these elements will help to grow your website in the online world.We devote particular attention to the elements of positioning both organic ( SEO ) and payment ( SEM ) since they are the fundamental pillars to increase the visibility and visitor traffic of the webs. Even so, we know that every good project must be linked to proper management and sound control, so we propose to apply a ” Googleization ” for this. Show all your business information, make video calls with your Gmail contacts, classify and save your documents and files in the cloud, etc.


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