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IntroductionFounded in 1940, McDonald’s is a multinational chain of fast food restaurants sourced from Southern California, the world’s largest fast food chain, run by Richard and Maurice McDonald of San Bernardino, California. They mainly sell hamburgers and fries, fried chicken, soft drinks, ice cream, salad, fruit, coffee and other fast food. McDonald’s first use of the golden arch sign was opened in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1953. In 1955 Ray Kroc, a merchant, joined the firm as a franchisee and bought chain stores from McDonald’s brothers. McDonald’s, formerly headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, has approved plans to relocate its global headquarters to Chicago by 2018.McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain and as of 2016, McDonald’s serves 69 million customers in more than 100 countries 6 daily at approximately 36,900 stores worldwide. Although McDonald’s is famous for its burger, they also sell cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast foods, soft drinks, milkshakes, burritos and desserts. To cope with changing consumer tastes and the negative effects of unhealthy foods, the company added salads, fish, smoothies and fruit to the menu. McDonald’s revenues come from the rent, royalties and fees paid by franchisees, as well as the sales of the company-run restaurants. According to a report released by the BBC in 2012, McDonald’s is the second-largest private employer in the world (Wal-Mart has 1.9 million employees), of which 1.5 million are franchisees.Use of information and information technologyThere are many types of information systems used in McDonald’s, for example:Transaction Processing System (TPS)The first transaction occurs when two people exchange data and collect data about the transaction. Transaction processing is the collection, storage, modification and retrieval of an organization’s transactions. The trading system is important to answer regular questions and helps with salaries, employee records, or paying employees. It is important to preserve and protect the transaction data, as transactions usually involve the exchange of funds that is crucial to any organization. And McDonald’s sells a lot of hamburgers every day, so McDonald’s should order raw materials from suppliers. Each time McDonald’s places an order with the supplier, the transaction takes place. The transaction processing system records the supplier’s name, address, the quality of the items purchased, and the invoice amount Related Information. Decision Support System (DSS)Decision support systems typically model data and make quality decisions based on data, usually based on data quality and data analysis. Decision support systems are often computer applications that have human-made components. They can filter large amounts of data and choose among many options and support unconventional decisions. McDonald’s first as a diner, to sell food to customers, business ability is low. With the development of the times, modern science and technology is applied to the decision support system. Therefore, McDonald’s wants to provide wireless services and collect information on user usage, stay time and sales level of wireless services, and analyzes the data by decision support system Make wireless service decisions in the restaurant.Management Information System (MIS)Management Information Systems are systems that provide the information needed to effectively manage the organization. At McDonald’s, they implemented an MIS system to generate periodic reports such as daily staffing lists and hours of work, or monthly expense reports compared to the budget. McDonald’s uses management information systems because the purpose of the management information system is to provide profitability and information to help managers and employees understand business performance and plan future directions. 


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