Intrepidity business firms in India remain positive

Intrepidity and commitment to venture new business is
more important than cash.

In today’s scenario, most people want to step down
from their 9 – 5 jobs. People do not want to retire at the age of 60 and look
back on life and feel how they have wasted their entire life. They want to be
an entrepreneur. But fresh out of business ideas!

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This article is to help such people. Whatever
Business you do, keep in mind that there will be startling things that
demotivate you. That is the challenge before you and that is the time to use
your business skills to move forward. Create your own vision.

The business firms in India remain positive even
after demonetization and GST. Indian economy is growing optimistically. So it
is right time for business. Here are some business ideas that requires low
investment and easy to implement.


Fashion Boutique

Do you love clothes? Then this is the right business
that suits you.

Opening an own boutique is a dream for many women.  You get an opportunity to use your creativity
everyday and can work in a passionate way. Just make sure to stay up-to-date on
the latest trends.

Gardening Service

If you have a green thumb and love a life of comfort,
here is a good idea. This requires just a lawn and garden equipments. If you
have a passion for gardening, this is the perfect business. How big the
business is going to be depends on how extensive your knowledge is.

Personal Chef

If you love cooking and entrepreneurial flame is
burning inside you, then you can start this business. Although love for this
job is important, you have to be personable, organized and creative. You also
need skills to manage various tasks associated with this type of business.

#4 Photographer


photography? There are number of businesses available. You can be a wedding
photographer capturing the special moments or an aerial photographer taking
photography to new heights or a freelance photographer. You will also need to
access startup funds.


Freelance Writer

If you are a strong writer, start your own freelance
writing business. This requires just a computer, an internet connection and
word processing software. Work from your home and in a flexible schedule.

Dance Class

to see the beauty in this world through dance?


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